Natalia Hurtado Silva

Legal Assistant

Natalia Hurtado Silva hails from the vibrant city of Managua, Nicaragua, a tropical paradise surrounded by majestic volcanoes and serene lakes. In her role at Dellutri, Natalia serves as a pre-filing case manager, functioning as the first point of contact for clients. She guides them through the initial stages of their cases and assists in gathering the necessary documents to propel them towards the next phase.

One of Natalia's great passions is travel planning. She particularly enjoys crafting itineraries for her summer getaways, often setting her sights on the beauty of Costa Rica. Some may say she enjoys the planning part a little too much!

Currently single, Natalia shares her home with her beloved cat, Mikado, named after Louis Litt's cat from the TV show "Suits." Her brother and his family reside just a few blocks away, allowing her to cherish quality moments with loved ones nearly every day.

While not known for her dancing or sporting prowess, Natalia possesses a unique talent for digital drawing, where she truly shines. Her ability to seamlessly blend numbers and design often surprises those who discover her combination of left and right-brained talents.

For leisure, Natalia finds joy in trips to the beach, immersing herself in the beauty of nature, and binge-watching her favorite series, including "Grey's Anatomy," "Suits," "Dr. House," and "Friends," which are her go-to companions for a relaxing weekend.

Natalia also enjoys the flexibility of working remotely from fancy cafes or hotels to break the routine and actively seeks out new places to visit.

DLG Quick Stats:

  • DLG Family Member Since 2023
  • Department: Bankruptcy
  • Passion Project: Sunday School Programs
  • Favorite Quote: "Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness , generosity, moral, courage, and the like. More than anything else, it’s about how we treat other people" by Dennis Prager
  • Email:
  • Direct Line: 239-210-3683