About Nicholas Paul

Legal Assistant

Nicholas Paul is an integral part of our team. He has worked in every department we have, fitting in perfectly with each new area and project. Originally, he started as an intern in the Marketing Department, moving to the Guest Services Department and helping to revamp the Client Concierge position. Ultimately, he has found his home as a legal assistant in the Bankruptcy Department. Nicholas is responsible for taking certain clients that have maybe fallen behind on paperwork or are having a difficult time keeping up with their case and getting them set back on track.

When we asked Nicholas what he does on his free time, he said, “I actually love to crochet. Before you ask, no. My grandmother does not know how to crochet. I actually taught myself from watching tutorials on YouTube and have since fallen in love with the art. Chances are, if you visit me at my house, I’ll probably be curled up in my couch with a big ball of yarn watching any of my favorite television shows."

What is Nicholas Passionate About?

It's impossible to ignore the ocean's beauty when living in Florida, and that's precisely why Nicholas has chosen 4Ocean as his passion project. 4Ocean works to clean up the ocean and coastline while also helping the world change its consumption habits.

"The sea has always been such an important part of my life. Being on the water always brings a sudden calmness over me. If thousands of tons of trash are being dumped into our oceans each day, our wonderful shores won't be around much longer if we don't take action," says Nicholas.

One of the coolest things about 4Ocean is that they manufacture bracelets out of trash collected from the ocean. The profits from the sales of the bracelets are then put towards ocean cleaning efforts. Nicholas hopes that with organizations like 4Ocean, future generations will be able to enjoy the water as much as we do.

To learn how you can help 4Ocean, visit their website here.

DLG Quick Stats:

  • DLG Family Member Since 2020
  • Department: Bankruptcy, Legal Assistant
  • Passion Project: 4Ocean
  • Favorite Quote: “Faith can move mountains.” -Mathew 17:20
  • Email: NPaul@DellutriLawGroup.com
  • Direct Line: 239-210-7240