Welcome to the Charlotte County Chamber Trivial Pursuit Game! Explore your knowledge, enjoy the excitement, and challenge your skills with our captivating questions. Uncover the answers below to reveal your performance.

  1. .According to a Season 10 episode of "South Park," the animated sitcom "Family Guy" is scripted by what whiskered Florida sea cows? Manatees
  2. "With Arms Wide Open" is the only number-one hit by what alt-rock band that formed in Tallahassee in 1994? Creed
  3. The Florida Reef is not just the third-largest of its kind in the world, it’s also the only living one in the continental United States. Which kind of reef is it? Coral Barrier
  4. Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas is often credited with the preservation of The Everglades, thanks to her book subtitled ____ of Grass. What word, referring to the watery Everglades, fills in the blank? River

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