Step right up to the Charlotte County Chamber Trivial Pursuit Game! Prepare to flex your intellect, revel in enjoyment, and showcase your abilities with our captivating queries. Unveil the solutions below to unveil the extent of your triumph. Without further ado, let the games commence!

  1. What is the most common tale of the origin of Orlando's name?

Answer: Orlando Reeves, a US soldier

  1. From Miami, I go about 30 miles west. What national park do I find?

Answer: Everglades National Park

  1. Another of Florida's named coasts is the First Coast. Using your logic and your knowledge of American history, where will you find Florida's First Coast?

Answer: near Saint Augustine

4. Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fort in St. Augustine, is one of the few structures in the world built from what semi-rare type of limestone?

Answer: Coquina