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Bankruptcy isn’t the end of the road, but it could very well be the beginning of a brighter financial future.

We know that the circumstances surrounding the consideration of filing for bankruptcy are never easy. With creditors calling you at home, on your cell phone and even worse, at your job threatening you with repossession, garnishment, foreclosures and lawsuits, it’s difficult to know where to turn and what options you have to change your current situation.

Bankruptcy, at it’s most basic, is a general term for legal proceedings in which a person declares inability to re-pay his or her debts. There are multiple types of bankruptcy including Chapter 7 & Chapter 13. The pros and cons of each type depends heavily on your situation. Consulting a bankruptcy attorney is your best first step in deciding if you will file and if so, which chapter is best for the outcome you desire.

Here at The Dellutri Law Group, one of primary areas of practice is representing individuals during their bankruptcy proceedings. We offer a free and confidential consultation to discuss your personal situation.



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