More Than a Job, More Than a Case This Is Personal

When I was in law school, I was in a very serious car accident on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was hit from behind by a drunk driver. I never saw it coming. Yes, it was during Mardi Gras, but no, I was not drinking. The other guy had enough for both of us. I was knocked out from the impact, and my car went off the road. Luckily, I didn’t collide with other cars. Traffic was pretty heavy and there were cars parked on the right-hand side of the street, so it was completely shocking that I hadn’t hit anyone else. Particularly since, on Charles Avenue in New Orleans, there’s a trolley line running straight down the middle of the street.

When the drunk driver who hit me saw that I was dazed and confused, he tried to flee. Although the details are sketchy, I remember the guy approaching my car, handing me a piece of paper, and saying he had to go. I couldn’t really focus, and he took off. I was left semi-conscious in my car, wondering what to do. By another miracle, a friend of mine from school saw my car up on the sidewalk and stopped to help a few minutes later.

We were able to track the idiot down from that piece of paper. He had a long criminal record and was out on probation. He was also completely uninsured. Luckily, I had auto insurance on my car to cover me for such an occasion.

This accident is one of the reasons that I aggressively sue drunk and distracted drivers today. Even though I was pretty banged up, I was lucky to make a full recovery. Many of my clients are not so lucky. Their lives are dramatically changed as a result of one individual’s bad choices.

Personal Injury Law is Personal to Me

That’s one of the reasons I work so hard to do what I do. It’s not just a job for me. It’s personal. When I look into the eyes of an injured person, I can tell them that I understand what they are going through now and what they will go through in the future. I’ve been in their shoes. I’ve had to pay the price of following up with doctors and reorganizing my life. I’ve felt the physical, emotional, and financial pain of an accident. I don’t want anyone else to go through that.

For a lot of personal injury lawyers, the job may get stale or the cases may start to become routine, but to me, personal injury law is about the people. When a person has a major car accident like this, their life is thrown into a tailspin. Their health, their relationships, and their jobs all suffer. We work hard to help our clients through the process, step by step, so they can make a real recovery. We work to help people get their lives back. At the Dellutri Law Group, we don’t work on cases, we work for people. Why would we do anything else?