Dellutri Law Group's Joe Lotempio Picks Gulf Coast Humane Society for Passion Project

Joe LoTempio: Attorney - Passion Project: Gulf Coast Humane Society

Joe is referred to as the office superhero not only because of the smiles he brings around the office with his Marvel references but much like Captain America himself, he will go above and beyond to help. Whether it be his friends, family members, or especially our clients, he takes it very seriously.

Although Joe is such a “people person”, he really wanted to give back to his furry friends. His cat Penny has a lot to do with that. A few years back, there was a cat roaming around his apartment complex. Joe has a feeling that her original owner left her behind when they moved. After roaming the streets for a while, one night the cat followed him back to his apartment and she has never left.

That’s why Joe chose Gulf Coast Human Society as his Dellutri Law Group Passion Project. Their mission is to create the first not-for-profit, no-kill, animal welfare organization in Southwest Florida. Their shelter protects and houses the neglected and abandoned pets of Southwest Florida, much like Joe’s cat, Penny was. They rely solely on donations, grants, and fundraising events to further their mission.

Joe is especially fond of their no-kill mission because, as Captain America once said, “You can't justify murder by masking it with a cause”.

Learn more about how you can help Gulf Coast Humane Society here.