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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Attorney | The Dellutri Law Group Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte Consumer protection is the driving motivation behind everything we do here at The Dellutri Law Group. We believe in protecting the rights of the public, the consumers and those without access to hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire high-profile attorneys.

Two of the main areas of Consumer Protection that we represent are:

False Credit Reporting Disputes

Did you know that it’s very probable that not all the information on your credit reports is accurate? While we all like to believe that companies, credit reporting agencies are diligent about only reporting factual information, the reality is that having a truly accurate credit report is more rare than you may think. 

Abusive Debt Collection Protection

Most people are unaware of the protections that they are afforded by consumer laws. While most companies attempt to collect debts owed to them in a polite and professional manner, there are those that disregard the laws that concern their debt collection tactics.



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