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Welcome to Our Testimonial Page!

We like to call this section our “Pride and Joy” or “Wall of Fame” page!   Recently, I had a conversation with someone at the Florida Bar, and they admitted to me that many attorneys are using fake testimonials.  WHAT?   As if consumers didn’t have enough trouble finding the right attorney for them, now they have to worry about fake testimonials?

If this is true, how can we let potential clients know that we didn’t write these wonderful testimonials ourselves?  How do we show that these kind words -that we are so proud of - really are from our clients and referral partners?

That’s when we decided to revamp our Testimonial page! In order to make it easier for you to know that there are still Ethical and Honorable Attorneys out there, we added a link to almost every one of our testimonials so that you can verify them yourself!  Take a look below so see what we are talking about.

This is all part of the Dellutri Law Group Difference. In the courtroom or in the community, we are always here to help!

-Carmen Dellutri


“After serving as a Law Enforcement Officer for 27 years in the Great State of Florida, I'm now retired. During this time I had the opportunity to work with numerous attorneys and law firms. I recently had to hire a law firm for one of my daughters. I chose Dellutri Law Group and I'm truly thankful that I did. Dellutri Law Group has the best attorneys and staff that I have experienced. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They consistently keep you up dated and always take your calls or call you right back. My daughter's case went well with no problems. Great Law Group!”

- R.H.

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"My husband and I were referred to Carmen Dellutri of Dellutri Law Group after working with other attorneys who did not help us with our personal situation.

We met with Carmen personally; he was kind understanding and totally helpful with all our concerns. No matter what we needed; Carmen was right there for us. The staff, attorney's of the Law Group along with Carmen have been the most amazing group we have ever worked with. With out a doubt, they saved our home for us and worked by our side and not for us. You will never find a better Law Group to help you with your needs."

- B. & J. H.

Testimonial was received via email submission 8/11/17

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Amanda for her guidance and representation during what has become a very difficult chapter in my life. I truly felt that she not only represented me in the utmost professional way, never missing a beat with returned phone calls or messages and jumping through all of the hoops that this case threw at her in spectacular fashion, but she did so with kindness and most of all, integrity. So much integrity, as a matter of fact, that she was instrumental in my decision to pursue my law degree. I had put it off for so many years, but Amanda demonstrated to me that despite the flaws in the legal system itself, that there are still decent, upstanding people who do everything that they can within legal guidelines to help their clients. It was inspiring. This accident has turned my life upside down, but Amanda always found a way to make me feel better...not an easy feat. Just ask her! So thank you, Amanda, for doing what you do. You are an asset in every sense of the word to this profession and to the people that you serve.”

- D.K.

Testimonial was received via email submission 8/13/17

"I had a great experience with the Dellutri Law Group , I felt like dealing with a family members that really care and understand . They really guided me through and sparred me the embarrassment . They worked so fast , led me me through and helped me get me life back again . if you are looking for a great , knowledgeable and experienced firm that handle bankruptcy then The Dellutri Firm is the right one for you . Thank you very much Dellutri Firm for all you great assistance . I'm truly grateful ."

- M.I.

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"The most honest personable law firm I have worked with. 100% recommended."

- M.B.S.

Verify this testimonial here (Facebook Review; 4/4/17)

"Everyone at the Dellutri Law Group office (Fort Myers) are great to work with. They get back to you via phone calls and emails and are always making sure that you are taken care of and your case is being updated and goes smoothly. I was nervous about my court date and it went so smoothly! Couldn't have picked a better law office! I've used them twice, for buying my home and signing papers, and for bankruptcy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a very qualified law group, who is super easy and friendly to work with"

- J.L.

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"Writing a review is not something that I usually do. But, regarding the Dellutri Law Group - especially Carmen - I felt a need. I have used this group twice now and If you can understand "they are old school!" You get to speak with the person who you have retained. I cannot tell you how relaxed I felt when I would get an update or fact info call from Carmen himself. I felt fully protected and informed throughout the procedure. At a time when we all need comfort and understanding this firm is where to go. I fully trusted Carmen and his group without any doubt. The results I received were exactly as predicted and I am very thankful to have found these people. I hope you share a similar experience!"

- M.B.

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"This law firm is trustworthy and extremely professional. Mr. Joseph LoTempio represents them extremely well and is a great communicator who inspires trust in his business."

- C.W.

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"Dellutri Law Firm is simply the best. The lawyers and staff all have a level of integrity and professionalism I have never experienced before. They will make you feel positive about a less than desirable time in your life. When my husband was laid off, we lost our home, were buried in debt and to add insult to injury the first lawyer we went to made us feel like low lives. It was just awful. But after hearing Mr. Dellutri on a local radio channel I gathered up the nerve to call in and ask him a few things. Especially the things the previous lawyer told us. He simply said, "Give me a chance. I know I can help." And he did. I can't say enough about this firm. They were there for us in the beginning and have been ever since. They won't forget you. They will answer your calls and emails. I promise you - this firm is the best."

- B.R.

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"Dave Lampley with Dellutri Law is phenomenal. I personally have not used his service, however I have sent several of my client to his firm for his help and they always have great things to say about him and his firm. I have also worked directly with some of his client and they sing his praises. He always takes the extra time to help put his clients at ease through this confusing and complicated time for their lives and goes above and beyond to help them through their questions and concerns long after the work is done. I will most certainly continue to send my clients to him as I know he will continue to do a stellar job with them. It is great to know an attorney that takes care of my clients so well so that I feel confident in referring them to him."

- A.N.

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"Strength, knowledge and compassion!!!!!"

- S.S.

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"Great people. Made the process easy and painless!!"

- J.C.

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"Mr. Dellutri,

First, I want to say from the bottom of our hearts how grateful we are you took the time out of your busy schedule to meet with my husband, Thomas today. Thomas mentioned how kind you were with a willing and caring spirit in guiding us in the right direction with the property taxes and code enforcement.

Second, I am truly sorry I didn't get a chance to see you today. It has always been a pleasure.

Third, Alaina was very kind and helpful scheduling the appointment on yesterday. Sue Campbell has always been very helpful in the past. What a great office staff!

Lastly, we were pleased with your service in the past and will definitely contact you for any service we may need in the future, and also, refer family and friends.

Again, Thank you!!"

- T. & K. W.

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"I was very nervous and even embarrassed to have to file for bankruptcy. A close friend of mine recommended The Dellutri Law Group. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt comfortable. The entire staff was very welcoming and friendly. I spoke directly with Carmen initially, and he was exceptional. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and genuine. He was reassuring and eliminated any fears and embarrassing feelings that I had. I would absolutely recommend this law group to anyone who is seeking help!! Thank you to everyone at Dellutri Law Group!!!"

- A.T.

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"The Dellutri Law Group has been great helping my family through this time in our lives. Everyone was always helpful whenever I called or visited. The receptionists were very polite and the office is very welcoming and comfortable. Carmen really took the time to explain to me what was going on in terms I could understand and what his firm was going to do to fix it. They did everything they said they were going to do and more, which is huge in my book. I was nervous going into this situation but I can't express enough how happy I am with the results. A huge thank you to everyone at the Dellutri Law Group!!"

- B.R.

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"Very helpful and pleasant staff, very attentive to details."

- N.G.

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"Totally recommend Carmen and the Team. Customer service will exceed any of your expectations. Integrity, accountability, & results."

- M.B.

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"Mr. Dellutri was so friendly and fair. I felt that he was going to help me, rather than take advantage of me. He took to the time to meet with me twice for consultation so that I clearly knew all of my options. I felt at ease...not an easy thing for an attorney to do when one is facing a lawsuit."

- D.S.S.

Verify this testimonial here (Avvo Review; 9/14/16)

"We would like to Thank The Dellutri Law Group for the confident, personal, professional and prompt care that was extended to My Family. We had a challenging and complex case that Mr. Dellutri agreed to assist us in meeting our desired results. Mr. Dellutri and His Team were compassionate, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable which assisted us to a successful outcome. We would highly recommend this Firm for your legal needs. Thanks Again."

- C.C.

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"During a very difficult time in my life, I sought the assistance of the Dellutri Law Group. In my initial consultation, Mr. Dellutri patiently answered questions about the bankruptcy process and put my mind at ease. He guided me through this to a very successful and positive resolution. He knew the law and was persistent. Throughout the entire time, I was in very good hands and would recommend the firm highly to anyone struggling with a legal issue. Mr. Dellutri's seasoned experience and professional judgement are huge assets to his clients."

- Anonymous

Verify this tesimonial here (Avvo Review; 4/22/16)

"They really have a great way to put you at ease. Carmen and his team were very responsive and professional from start to finish."

- W.C.

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"Making the decision for bankruptcy is never an easy one, but knowing it was my only option to relieve me from my financial burden that would only haunt me for years to come, I decided to contact The Dellutri Law Group. Once I made the initial call, I was scheduled for a consult. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with friendly smiles. I met with one of the attorney's, he made his recommendation and I moved forward with it. Although allot of homework to do, in the end it was worth it. Never once during this process, was I made to feel any less of a person than what I was already feeling inside. There was no pressure or obligation. My interactions with his staff was comforting and they always answered my questions in a timely manner. Carmen himself was at the hearing. I was a little nervous because I hadn't met him prior to the hearing, his demeanor was nothing but professional and his re-assurance of how easy the process would be, made my stress go away. He definitely stands by his clients. In fact, one of his clients came out of the hearing in tears, and that made Carmen visibly upset. Its already embarrassing enough being in the situation, the least the trustee can do is show a little consideration. I'm sure Carmen addressed that afterwards!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend The Dellutri Law Group for ALL of your legal needs. Thanks to all of his staff, but especially to Ashley, Sheila, Lauren, Ronnie, David, the front desk girls and lastly Carmen."

- S.D.

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"We were facing loosing our home to foreclosure. The Dellutri Law Group immediately put us at ease explaining the whole procedure of what needed to be done. They negotiated a loan modification we could live with. The whole experience with our attorneys from this group was nothing short of excellent. They were warm, kind, never insulting or rude. They took our fears and turned them into something else entirely. The staff was also exceptional."

- Anonymous

Verify this testimonial here (Avvo Review; 5/5/16)

"The only law firm I will use and recommend! Honest, loyal, caring and attentive, David Fineman and Kathy Michie went above and beyond for me, and I will forever be grateful."

- A.M.D.

Verify this testimonial here (Facebook Review; 9/8/16)

"Have recommended Mr. Dellutri to many people and will continue to do so. Very honest and helpful."

- B.B.

Verify this testimonial here (Facebook Review; 7/21/16)

"Always cordial and helpful, very nice. Great dude."

- S.E.

Verify this testimonial here (Facebook Review; 9/2/16)

"Due to the economy going sour a few years ago, I ended up with some debt I could not pay. The Dellutri Law Group was able to negotiate with a debt collector for a large settlement. The debt collector had filed a judgment against me for two loans they bought. Carmen managed to settle with more than half off the total amounts and secured the Satisfaction of Judgment for me. Carmen and his team kept me updated on all the steps and procedures. Thank you, Carmen!"

- R.B.

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"Working with the Dellutri Law Group was and still is remarkable, we have no complaints. Carmen helped us feel at ease with the tough decisions we had to make regarding our overwhelming debt. Even now that our case is complete, it is nice to be able to shoot an e-mail to Carmen and he personally answers it in a very timely manner. It is also nice when we see him in public and he treats you like an old friend not just a client. Thank you for all you do for us and your community, you are much appreciated."

- P.H.

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"We received the check yesterday! We wanted to thank you for everything you did on this case. I know it was probably one of your more aggravating ones given the slug we were dealing with. So we appreciate your efforts and tenacity in getting her found and in "court". We also know and appreciate your professionalism and knowledge. We don't think even the mediator thought we'd get that good of a settlement out of them and I think that's a credit to you."

- J.& B.D.

Testimonial was received via email submission 2/28/17

"I want to start out by saying thank you to Carmen and his entire team at the Dellutri Law Group for giving me the opportunity to provided and take care of my family, it means the world to a husband and a father who has struggled to do so for the past 5 years! Since graduating school with my doctorate and over $200,000 in debt, I had to take a job working for another doctor since I could not get a loan from the bank to open my own practice. Long story short, 5 years of being in bad contracts that I should have had someone look over landed me and my family deeper in debt with no hope. My pride had kept me from admitting the truth, we needed to file bankruptcy and we needed a change fast or we were never going to break the cycle of the last 5 years. I met Carmen in a networking group of amazing professionals and we discussed my case.

His entire team made things crystal clear for us about how the process works and what would happen at each step along the way. They listened to our every concern and answered every question, and we had a lot! Very professional. We were able to get the entire bankruptcy wrapped up in a short time and we were now on a path towards rebuilding our life.

We had some complications arise with a prior employment contract and I will say, Carmen and his team handled it in the most professional and effective manner I have seen. Thanks to Carmen and the Dellutri Law Group, I am now moving on with my life and providing for my family, and as a father and husband, that is one of the most important things I have been entrusted to do.

God has put many people in my life and I am thankful for Carmen and his team. If you have a case that needs legal action and they can take your case, let them walk you through the process. I can tell you there is not another group of attorneys as personal, attentive and successful as the team at Dellutri Law Group. Thank you again for all your help!"

- M.K..

Testimonial received via email submission 1/13/17

"David Fineman handled my bankruptcy starting in 2011, it went extremely smooth and taught me a lot about me and my spending habits. I am doing so good now I have brought my credit score up without having a credit card. I feel like a better person for the experience. I thank David and DLG for everything."

- B.S.

"I came in with an issue about an unfair debt collection practice. I was greeted by everyone, not the usual stuffy atmosphere you would expect. The receptionist got me seated in a private consultation room, and offered me coffee, I was taken aback at what a nice presentation the coffee came in on. The attorney Carmen was exceptional,he listened to my issues and was very quick, and discerning on exactly how to proceed. He spent a good 40 min. with me to help me work this out. They never charged me a cent! I can highly recommend this firm for any and all of your legal matters. What a Great Law Group." 

- D.Z.
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I was in court representing myself at a hearing. The Judge told me that I needed an attorney and told me to call the Dellutri Law Group."

- J.N.

Testimonal was received via email submission 12/2/16

"Amanda and Janice,

During this season of thankfulness, T.S. and I are so thankful to have you and Amanda helping us through these uncharted waters. It would indeed be very scary without knowing someone knows how to navigate all the insurance and healing process. Janice, I have really appreciated how you make me feel through your emails and phone conversations that you understand our struggles.

Have a blessed thanksgiving."

- L.S.

Testimonial was received via email submission 11/19/16

"David was veryknowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I didn't have any fear about coming in and I wasn't disappointed. The consultation was most helpful and I really appreciate it. I will certainly recommend your firm to others that might need your services."

- B.S.

Testimonial was received via email submission 10/9/16

"I would recommend this Law Firm as they could have taken advantage that I was an out of state client and didn't. Mr. Lamply was very professional and provided me the wonderful news that I did not need his services. My consultation was 100% no charge. Thank you Mr. Lamply!"

- M.W.

Testimonial was received via email submission 10/5/16

"I know my hubby is in good hands with you folks, and that means the world to me. I will always be grateful to your staff for their guidance when the chips were really down in March of 2015. Thanks again to all!"

- R.T.

"If I was giving advice to my best friend I would say, '“'You can trust Dellutri Law Group like you can trust me. They won't disappoint you. They will be there for you. And most importantly they won't judge you or make you feel any less of a human being just because you are in a financial downfall. They will be there for you every step of the way. They are truly the best.'"

- B.R.

Testimonial was received via email submission

"Nearly 15 years ago I found the Dellutri Law Group thanks to a Yellow Pages ad when seeking help for the incredible debt I had accumulated moving out on my own as a 20 year old. Having newly purchased my first home, I was working two jobs to make ends meet and barely had enough to cover the high-interest rate credit card payments, let alone groceries. After seeking help from Dellutri Law Group, I was honestly amazed that attorney Carmen Dellutri took the time to explain the bankruptcy process the way he did (in a way that did not make me feel even more embarrassed or ashamed about my circumstances). I filed for Chapter 13 and paid off my debts thanks to Carmen and the team at Dellutri Law Group's advice. All of these years later I am happy to share that my credit score is stellar and I've never forgotten the first-class service received by the Dellutri Law Group. We all make mistakes in life and being able to seek help from professionals to guide us when we need it most is so important. Please do not hesitate to research information that Dellutri Law Group posts on their website or LinkedIn about debt, bankruptcies, personal injury law, etc. Investing in a professional can in the long run set you up for sincere success, as it did for me. Thanks Carmen, et al at Dellutri Law Group!"

- R.T.

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"My biggest fear before meeting with the Dellutri Law Group was what would happen with all my medical bills. But the staff answered all of my questions and were very responsive and informative."

- N.W.

Testimonial was received via email submission

"Our biggest fear was losing our home. Thanks to the Dellutri law group that did not happen. They negotiated with our loan provider to set up a loan modification we could live with. We were just so awestruck by the kindness and professionalism of the attorney. He was very assuring of what we could do."

- D.F.

Testimonial was received via email submission

"Carmen Dellutri made me feel comfortable with the consultation and explained everything thoroughly along with just being a very nice man. I recommend Carmen Dellutri because he seems to be very down to earth, honest and helpful along with making you feel comfortable with your situation."

- T.D.

"We want to thank you so much for your time and your advice for our situation. We really appreciate it ! We always recommend you so highly to any one that is in need of a attorney. Thank you again!"

- L.C. & G.C.

"Carmen was most helpful and gracious in our first meeting. Even though it was clear that no further consultation was needed, Carmen responded immediately with insightful answers to a few questions we emailed the next day. Thank you for superb service with no pressure or obligation."

- W.S.

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"Thank you and your team, for protecting me in difficult times."

- B.M.

"I appreciate your help as well as all the other help I received from everyone I dealt with in the Dellutri law firm. Your standards of professionalism were very reassuring. You all made the process as easy as it could possibly be and I want everyone to know that I appreciated that very much. I won't hesitate for a second to give you folks a referral in the future.

Thanks again!"

- S.R.

"Just want to tell you how amazing you all are for working so hard to accomplish all that you have done for us. So on behalf of my wife and I, we appreciate it.

Thank you all again,"

- H.A.

"I love DLG, they handled a case for me a while back and Mr. Dellutri was so kind and everyone there was so sweet and caring”. 

- K.M.

One of our wonderful clients, Ms. L.W. brought in a special Thank you to Miss Alaina and told her these were pretty just like her. Awwww. We truly have the best clients in the world.


"From the top to the bottom your firm did a great job handling my case. Anytime I had a question it was answered in a timely matter. I felt things went very smoothly and you made something that is difficult much easier to handle. Jeffery did a great job at the meeting and I felt very comfortable. The rest of the staff was very kind and professional, I can tell people enjoy working there! I will be sure to recommend anyone to your office.


- R.D."

"Carmen and staff,

Thank you for the recent process you did for me in bankruptcy. My appreciation to you and all who made this possible. I am grateful I chose your firm to walk beside me in this process.

I have received my notice of discharge as of this week, via mail. I also pass your name on here in my area to many who need quality people to do this for a better life and move forward in a positive way to reclaim our situations regardless of how it came. Your card is on the bulletin board in the our clubhouse.

Again, thanks and blessings"

- J.H.

"Dear Mr. Dellutri,

My husband and I want to thank you and your incredible support team for all of your time, advice, concern, and the reassurances you have given us with our case. Not knowing what to expect, we kept waiting for the sky to fall, but, thankfully, it never did (as you indicated it would not).

We were also impressed over and over again on the quick responses to our questions and can't say enough about the professionalism your group gave us. In particular, please know that Ashley, Alaina, and Ronnie were outstanding and dealt with each of our concerns promptly. You are a lucky "boss" to have such a devoted team and they represent you well.

I also enjoyed reading your articles you wrote on the web network and found your arguments very informative.

My husband and I are relieved to have gone through the process and we are grateful for the quick and honest answers to our questions. Thanks, again."

- A.K.

Verify this testimonial here (Avvo Review; 8/18/14)

"Mr. Dellutri is a credit to his profession! He saw my wife Christine this morning, knowing he probably wasn't going to make a dime on it, and was patient, professional and answered her questions. Said if she needed him to further help after trying it on her own to just give a call."

- T.D.

Verify this testimonial here (Google Review)

"I have been referring to Dellutri Law Group some of my clients with legal situations. The services provided by D.L.G are simply outstanding, I'll continue doing so."

- G.Q

Verify this testimonial here (Avvo Review; 8/3/14)

"Absolute best law firm in town! The staff is so friendly and helpful. This firm gives lawyers and GOOD name!"

- L.C.

Verify this testimonial here (Google Review)

"Declaring bankruptcy is an embrassing and humbling experience; sharing your personal information with a stranger makes you feel very vunerable. I was so pleasantly surprised to find you and everyone on your staff very professional and knowledgeable. My e-mails and phone calls were returned in a timely manner. I sensed that my best interest was the goal. Thank you and your staff for making this experience stress free."

- B.

Verify this testimonial here (Avvo Review; 8/24/14)

"Mr. Dellutri actually listened to what I had to say, and he helped me out with my financial situation."


"Mr. Dellutri helped myself and my family out in a huge way during our financial problems we incountered in 2009. He made me stressfree and I actually got a good nights sleep for once in about two years. He was very patient and interested in our case. I would highly recommend him to friends and family."

- Anonymous

Verify this testimonial here (Avvo Review; 1/13/11)

"Thank you. The staff at Dellutri Law group is always great to us!

Have a wonderful day and safe holiday weekend!"

- E.M.

"Mr. Dellutri:

First, I want to say from the bottom of our hearts how grateful we are you took the time out of your busy schedule to meet with my husband today. He mentioned how kind you were with a willing and caring spirit in guiding us in the right direction with the property taxes and code enforcement.

Second, I am truly sorry I didn't get a chance to see you today. It has always been a pleasure.

Third, Alaina was very kind and helpful scheduling the appointment on yesterday. Sue Campbell has always been very helpful in the past. What a great office staff!

Lastly, we were pleased with your service in the past and will definitely contact you for any service we may need in the future, and also, refer family and friends.

Again, Thank you."

- K. W.

"A note of thanks to the professional staff at your firm.

Everyone who has made contact with me in regards to my recent bankcruptcy and the process thereof - have been wonderful and professional and willing to assist in difficult times.

I wanted ya'all to know that this experience made a difference in my life.

Unfortunately the past 2 lawyers in recent 3 years of extreme unusual difficult times - were not interested in my life or well being.

Thank you again for the support - the entire staff and the 'excellence' of what the name Law Firm should and does stand for in our country today.


- J.H.

"Dear Dellutri Law Group,

First of all, please accept my apologies for not thanking your firm first! We came and were treated kindly, promptly and professionally!

This was a free consultation! The questions we had were answered very thoroughly and we met for a full hour!

Attorney Carmen was amazing!

When and if we need representation, we hope your firm will take us on. In the meantime, best wishes for much continued success!


- C.L.

"Thank you for helping me when I most needed it. God bless you and all nice people who work in your office!"

- F.D.

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