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Orlando Personal Injury, Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Legal Services

The Dellutri Law Group offers Orlando the best bankruptcy, personal injury, and foreclosure defense attorneys. When you come to us, you can rest assured your legal matters are in expert hands. Our goal is to make the law transparent and understandable for you. When you know your rights, you can make informed and thoughtful legal decisions. We want to help you.

Bankruptcy Legal Services in Orlando

Facing lawsuits, garnishments or foreclosure is not easy, but you have options. Bankruptcy is financial planning for the future. What people often don’t realize is that there are a variety of options available to you. At our office, we focus on clients as individuals. Your matters and concerns are specific to you, and we treat you that way. We strategize with you on how to get the best outcomes for you. We review the pros and cons of your options until we can find a financial solution that satisfies you.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando

Orlando Auto Accidents

If you are in an auto accident, contacting an attorney is probably one of the last things on your list. You may think about calling the last attorney you saw on television, but is that the best idea. Will they have your best interests at heart? Will they be concerned about your injuries and your family? You may have direct physical injuries, plus you have to worry about insurance, your transportation, your job, and your medical expense. As accidents are often traumatic, you may also undergo severe emotional stress. However, contacting a Dellutri Law Group personal injury attorney can help you with all of these steps. Our legal team will carry you through the difficult times. And should you need to seek damages for personal injuries caused by the accident, we will be there by your side seeking compensation for your injuries.

Auto Accident Attorney Orlando

Premises Liability in Orlando

Have you been injured by someone else's negligence to their property? Was the incident something that should have been avoidable? If so, the Dellutri Law Group can help. Slip & falls, falling trees, parking lot accidents, accidents due to inadequate lighting, and other similar incidents fall under premises liability. You are entitled to personal safety when on someone else's property. If you have been injured, your personal injury was breached. Let our Premise Liability Attorneys analyze what happened, who was at fault and the actions you can take. Remember, no on chooses to be injured, but you do get to choose your Attorney.

Premises Liability Lawyer Orlando

Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

We often entrust our loved ones to nursing homes in their final years. We want to give them the best care and comfort. Yet, sometimes we find that these nursing homes have been abusing our family members. And the abuse can range from neglect to verbal and physical abuse. The conditions can escalate into malnourishment, bed sores, and life-threatening infections. If you suspect nursing home abuse, take action now. The Dellutri Law Group will guide you every step of the way.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Orlando

Defective Drug Attorney Services in Orlando

Despite advanced medical testing and regulations, many drugs that are brought to the market can cause severe complications. If you have been injured because of prescription medication or other medical device, we want to help you make things right. We have the skills and expertise to stand up to medical manufacturers. We want to get you the best outcome and recourse for your injuries.

Defective Drug Attorney Orlando

Foreclosure Defense in Orlando

If you're facing foreclosure, you need a strong defense to guide you through this stressful and difficult time. Our attorneys have the knowledge to help you through your options and next steps. We will make sure you understand your rights as a homeowner. No matter what stage of the process you are in, put our expertise to use for you. We can make the best of your circumstance.

If you are facing any of these situations, let the Dellutri Law Group help you. Contact us for a free consultation to learn about your options.

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