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The Dellutri Difference | Our Team

We know that without the amazing team we have in place, we would be just another law firm.

Casey Byrus - Director of Marketing

cb-1.jpgFor Casey Byrus, working for someone and something that she believed in was a deal breaker when seeking out a career. That is why when she met Carmen Dellutri at a networking event she eventually became his Director of Marketing. “I meet Carmen a full year before I came on board with his team. When we met, we  started picking each other’s brains about marketing ideas and strategy. Joining his team was a perfect fit.”

Before the Dellutri Law Group, Casey worked for a Marketing & Advertising agency with multiple clients around the Fort Myers area. She also managed a Chiropractor’s office and learned a great deal about Personal Injury Clients. “Having insight from working at the Chiropractor’s office really gave me the knowledge I needed to market for a Personal Injury law firm. Staying relevant and ahead of the next guy is important. Somethings in marketing never change, but most things do evolve.”

When Casey is not coming up with the next best marketing idea, she is being a mom, wife, daughter, and a sister to her family that she holds dear to her heart.


Direct Line: 239-210-7253

Enelly Canche- Director of First Impressions            

Enelly-3.jpgEnelly is the newest member of our team! She has only been with the Dellutri Law Group for a few months, but you'd never know it. She fit right in from the beginning. She is our new director of first impressions, and it's likely that you will speak to her first if you call our office.

Enelly is not only had a great personality in her interview, but she also gave us a story we loved. When we asked what drew her to a career in a busy law firm, she explained it was her own experience in a car accident that piqued her interest. Nelly, like most people, didn't know what she was supposed to do after her car accident. She explains, "I was scared and confused as to what I should do next. As I started doing research on personal injury and seeking what my options were and how these people were going to help me, I realized I wanted to be that person who people seek for help after they go through a situation like mine. I want to help them get through that rough and scary moment of their life."  


Direct Line: 239-275-7064

Marjorie Dellutri, CPA - Administrative

M-Dellutri.jpgMarjorie Dellutri is not just our CPA -she is also Carmen’s wife. Marjorie and Carmen met while getting their MBA’s at Florida Gulf Coast University. Shortly after getting married, and receiving their new diplomas, Marjorie convinced Carmen it was time to open his own practice. Thus, Dellutri Law Group was born.

Marjorie continued with her previous employer for the first 10 years that Dellutri Law Group was opened. In 2008, after 20 years as a CPA for another company, Marjorie made the switch to working for Dellutri Law Group. We are so happy she has officially been part of our team for the last 10 years.

She is not only a huge asset to our culture but to the organization as well. Marjorie holds a Bachelors in Accounting, an MBA in Business Administration, and a Masters in Taxation.  


Veronica Fedorczyk - Legal Assistant 

Ronnie-Fedorczyk.jpgRonnie has been with Dellutri Law Group for the last 12 years, but she’s been around Carmen her whole life. When Ronnie and her husband of 33 years, Frank, decided to move to Florida, the siblings became co-workers. Today, Ronnie works as a legal assistant, processing Chapter 7 cases.

Ronnie enjoys helping people, and what better way to help people than with family? “I’m very proud of what my brother has accomplished, and I like hearing clients say they feel like they’re part of the family,” she said.

Before joining Dellutri Law Group, Ronnie managed the infant room at the Goddard School in Parlin, New Jersey. She cared for 16 infants and directed four assistants of her own. But moving to Florida meant being closer to family, and Ronnie has a big family.

Ronnie has a 28-year-old son, Frankie — a recent law school graduate. She also has two stepdaughters in New Jersey, Lisa and Frances, and both are married to wonderful husbands. Ronnie’s grandson, Richie, is 11 years old. Finally, there’s Bentley, Ronnie’s 7-month-old Cavachon pup. “He’s my smuggie!” she said.


Direct Line: 239-210-3686

Christie Lee Garratt - Office Manager

cg.jpgChristie greets every day with a beautiful internal sparkle,and when she says, “Have a great day,” she means it. Her enthusiasm and brightness are contagious, and it is her mission to make the best impression she can on everyone she meets.

Considering Christie’s charming personality, it may surprise people to know that she loves a little danger and suspense in her life — in the form of the books she reads. She really enjoys reading mystery and suspense novels when she’s not busy playing with her young son, Jackson, or spending time with her husband, Rob.


 Direct Line: 239-210-7252


Ashley Baker - Legal Assistant

Ashley-Griffith.jpgAshley Baker has been an important part of our family for eight years. Her title is legal assistant, but Ashley’s not just an assistant; she knows how to easily maneuver from team leader to team player at a moment’s notice.

Ashley would describe her primary responsibility as “helping clients who are trying to save their homes.” It’s Ashley’s big heart that keeps her focused every day. She’s said that her biggest challenge on the job is trying to balance the personal nature of her work because she really empathizes with each and every client’s story; it is her true motivation.

“I love spending time with my family and friends. I love going to the movies. I love monkeys and birthday cakes. People say I’m a workaholic. And more than anything, I love a good story with a happy ending.


Direct Line: 239-210-7257

Sheila Griffith - Legal Assistant

Sheila-Griffith.jpgSheila has been with Dellutri Law Group for three years, but she has been familiar with our office for much longer than that! She often heard Carmen Dellutri on the radio, and even attended our Halloween event each year. “When I found out they were hiring, it seemed like a perfect fit. I love helping people. Why not do it as a career?”

Sheila is a member of our bankruptcy team. She specializes in preparing our clients and their cases up until filling with the courts. Sheila loves her position in the team because she gets to be the first person to interact with people when they become clients. She is confident in knowing that, once their case is filled and she transfers them to the post-filing specialist, they will be in good hands. After all, that specialist is none other than her sister-in-law!

 Sheila spends all her free time with her family. She is also a huge advocate in our fight against distracted drivers. Unfortunately, Sheila, her husband, Alex, and her daughter, Marissa, lost a huge part of their family in an auto accident a few years ago. She can often be found around the community, raising awareness by using the hashtag  #SlowDown4Nate in remembrance of her 5-year-old son.


Direct Line: 239-210-7255

Lauren Horton - Paralegal

Horton.jpgMeet Lauren Horton! Lauren is part of the bankruptcy team in our office. She has been a bankruptcy paralegal for 10 years now, though not always at our office. She recently moved from the east coast to the west coast – west coast of Florida, that is. Lauren is a huge asset to our office, but it’s her personal life that we like to talk about!

“I’m a twin. An identical twin. And I couldn’t imagine life without her! We find ourselves consistently thinking – and wearing – the same thing, and yes, we have that ‘twin power’. We don’t have to actually speak to know what the other one is thinking, and we always know when something is wrong. She’s the only person I can be completely mad at, but over it in 5 minutes because I have something funny to tell her. Oh, and did I mention? I also have a younger brother and sister, who are also twins?! Yes, two sets of twins, 7 years apart. Growing up in my family has been anything but boring!”


Direct Line:239-210-7256

Allison Johnson - Marketing Director

AlliScreenshot20(21).pngson Johnson originally came to us as an intern from Florida Gulf Coast University! After her internship was completed, we asked her to stay on board as a part time employee while she was finishing up school. After she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Communications, we asked her to stay on board again as our Marketing Director in Tampa...the rest is history!

Prior to joining our team, she was a full time student at FGCU but jumped at the chance to intern for a local law firm. “My family owns a practice in West Virginia so I grew up being influenced into the field of legal studies. I’ve always loved being able to help anyone I can during their tough times. I feel like I give back to so many people working here, which is what I loved about growing up watching my family members practice law.”

When asked what the most challenging part of her responsibilities are Allison said, “The hardest part of my job are the stories that clients tell me about the times they are going through. However, it just drives me to do the best that I can to support them while handling their case!” 


Direct Line: 813-682-4040

Janice Kelly - Legal Assistant

Janice-Yates.jpgAs a Dellutri Law Group legal assistant of 13 years, Janice spends her days keeping up with the firm’s pre-litigation files. From inputting information, all the way through to a settled case, Janice can handle it all.

What drew you to a career in law?

I’m one who didn’t actually pursue law — I just happened to find it. I’ve learned so much about the law and insurance claims from the attorneys, Amanda Downing and Carmen Dellutri. They provide real world experience on a day-to-day basis and care immensely about making sure that our clients get the best personal service from everyone on our staff.

What’s the most challenging part of your work? How do you overcome it?

Probably wanting to do too much at once, trying to keep up with each case so it’s updated for the attorney, and trying to get back to each and every client who contacts me, each time. But it’s rewarding to help people, so it makes it easy to come to work when you love what you do and you work with inspiring individuals who care deeply about helping others.

How do you spend your time outside the firm?

I love spending time with my husband, Don, my children, Tracy and Stephen, and my grandchildren, Alyssa, Alex, and Emma. I also love to travel to Georgia as often as I can to spend time with my sisters, whom I’m very close with. My sisters and I will all be living on Lake Sinclair, Georgia, one day, where we plan to retire together with our spouses.


Direct Line: 239-210-7251

Kathy Michie - Paralegal

Kathy has been with the Dellutri Law Group for 12 years! She is a Florida-registered paralegal and works on Civil Litigation. She hasn't always been a paralegal though. In fact, it's not even what she set out to do in her career. Kathy fell in love with legal work from her 11 years in the banking world. She was in charge of doing legal research at the bank so she decided to go back to school to become a paralegal. Her key to staying in love with the profession is knowing that multitasking is the name of the game and keeping calm and organized is crucial. Kathy is not just all work and no play though, when she is not at the office, she is spending time with her family. She absolutely loves being with her two grandchildren and considers herself fortunate that she gets to see them every day.

Not many people can say they enjoy their job, but I can. I look forward to going to work every day, and it's hard to believe that it has been 12 year here. Time flies by when you're having fun!


Direct Line: 239-210-7241

Nathalie Olivo- Receptionist


Nathalie is our newest receptionist on the Dellutri Law Group team! When Nathalie was younger she always thought about becoming a paralegal, and with most of her background in customer service, it was natural for her to come and join us when we were seeking a new receptionist for our front desk. 

Coming into a new position isn’t always easy, but we are excited to have Nathalie because of her determination. When we asked her what she is most excited about when starting this position, she said “I am just excited about learning something new! 

With 3 beautiful kiddos on her hands when she gets home, she loves to spend quality time with them. Their favorite things to do are BBQ with the family and hang by the pool, and we can’t say that we blame her!  Welcome to our team Nathalie, we are happy to have you on board.


Direct Line: (239) 275-7912

Stefanie Young- Paralegal

2017-stefanie-young_preview.jpeg.jpgStefanie is our newest paralegal in the personal injury department! Although she has just started her journey with the Dellutri Law Group, her passion for her position shines through every day. She told us I love being behind the scenes and getting to be in contact with the clients. I connect with clients on more of the emotional level and I really enjoy the feeling of knowing we are helping people.” 

Not only is Stefanie passionate for her job, but she is also passionate about pursuing her education. She received her AA and AS in paralegal studies at Florida Southwestern State College and went on to receive her BA in supervision and management in May of 2016. Right now, she is in the middle of getting her MBA at Hodges University, with a concentration in fraud and financial forensics. It is safe to say we have a book worm on our hands, and we love it!

Aside from work, Stefanie frequently attends the 5k runs in the area throughout the year. But most importantly she loves to spend time with her daughter Sawyer and her “fur-child” Fitzgerald. They are Disney pass holders, so they enjoy taking trips there whenever they get the chance!


Direct Line: (239) 210-7250

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