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The Dellutri Law Group | Premises Liability Attorney Fort Myers, Naples, Port CharlottePremises Liability refers to preventable injuries that occur on property that is owned and operated by someone other than, you, the injured victim. Property owners have a responsibly to maintain a safe atmosphere for their visitors and to effectively warn you of any possible dangers.

The types of injuries that may fall under premises liability laws are trip & falls by uneven walkways or accidents in parking lots, slip & falls caused by standing water or an unmarked wet floor, construction site injuries for non-site works, and a pool drowning. A few other causes that could potential fall in this umbrella would be an assault that could have been prevented with the use of inadequate lighting or security, falling trees, products falling off a shelve at a retail store, and stripping on a broken staircase.

If you find yourself injured due to the fault of another relating to premises liability, first seek the appropriate medical attention! Second, be sure to file an incident report with the business or responsible party involving your accident if applicable.

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