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I was born in Cuba in 2001 and migrated to the U.S when I was 7 years old with my mom. Coming to a whole new country without any family was scary but thankfully I adapted well, and I feel like I really began to thrive. I came here into 3rd grade and my mom along with teachers thought I would probably have to get held back but I learned English very fast, and I was able to stay in my correct grade. It helped a lot that my mom was an English professor in Cuba and did her best in teaching me the language at home as well. We lived in Cape Coral for a couple of years and then we moved to Lehigh where I met my now fiancée and graduated from Lehigh Senior High School in 2019.

My first job was being a cashier at Home Depot, where I learned how to provide customer service for the first time. I was a sophomore at the time so I would go to school during the day and work part time after school. After 3 years of being there and starting college soon, I felt like I needed something with better hours, and I became a technical support agent for a company called Alorica where I troubleshooted computers and TVs over the phone and then set them up for repairs if needed. This was my first call center job, and I gained a ton of experience handling calls in a very busy call center. COVID hit while I was working there so I was sent to work from home. After about almost 2 years of being there, the company unfortunately shut down due to COVID. I then used my cashiering experience and became a head cashier at Lowe’s. It was more responsibly than before as I was responsible for sending all cashiers to their breaks and had to deescalate a lot of situations with customers. After about a year, I found out I was pregnant, and I was terrified as it wasn’t planned but looking back it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. I decided to step down from a full-time position and took a part time position at Rack Room Shoes as a Key Holder which was similar to what I was doing at Lowe’s. On July 20th, 2022, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Layla. I knew I wanted to dedicate everything to her, and I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her for a year and a half. After some time, I decided it was time for me to jump back into the work force and was lucky enough to find you guys! I wont lie I was intimidated to work at a Law Group as I have never done anything like this before, however I’m happy to say it was a good decision. Helping people in their time of need fulfills me every day. I strive to be the person that handles the intake process with kindness as I would like to have done for me if I was ever in their positions.

During my time off, my priority is spending time with my little family. My fiancée and I have been together for 5 years now and aside from raising our daughter, the goal is to buy a house for our family that we can create memories in for a lifetime.

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