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Are You the Next Success Story?

Written by Carmen Dellutri, Esq.

"Are You The Next Success Story?" offers a comprehensive guide to navigating bankruptcy, covering topics from understanding financial realities and myths to choosing between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. It delves into essential considerations like debt-to-income ratios, asset protection, and rebuilding credit post-bankruptcy, providing invaluable insights for anyone considering this financial path.

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Auto Accident Property Damage Claims in Florida

Written by Carmen Dellutri, Esq.

Navigating the aftermath of a collision is never easy, and sometimes confusing. Please use our guide to help know what to do after a collision and perhaps more importantly, when it is time to hire an attorney.

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How to Find, Interview, and Hire the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Town

Written by Carmen Dellutri, Esq.

The attorney-client relationship is like a puzzle. Without all of the pieces, the reality will differ from the expectation.

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Florida Personal Injury Laws and Rights: A Basic Overview

Getting into any kind of accident can quickly thrust your life into turmoil and leave you feeling lost and out of control. Who will answer your questions? Who can you trust? Will you be compensated for your injuries? This eBook aims to answer the most basic questions about personal injury cases, so that you have all the details you need to move forward with your claim. No one chooses to be involved in a car accident, but you do get to choose your attorney.

Looking for some answers to your personal injury questions? Take a moment to fill in the information form on this page and start reading – Our main focus is to help you get your life back on track after a personal injury accident!

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Glove Compartment Accident Checklist

Always be prepared in the case of a car accident. Whether you're directly involved or happened to witness one, there are important steps and things you should remember.

This checklist will answer the most frequently asked questions and give you the knowledge you'll need in the situation.

  • What to do if the other driver becomes irate?
  • Should you call the police?
  • What should you request from the other driver(s) involved.

Print this checklist and put it in the glove compartments of all of your vehicles and the vehicles of your loved ones.

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How Do I Choose an Attorney to Defend My Rights

Hiring an attorney can be daunting. How do you know where to start? Download our free checklist filled with information that you should consider when hiring an attorney to represent you in your legal matter.

A few things you'll learn are:
  • To select a firm that has a proven track record;
  • Hire an attorney who will listen to you;
  • Hire an attorney who will explain the processes and procedures to you;
  • Hire an attorney that encourages you to ask questions; and
  • Hire an attorney that will return your phone calls promptly.

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What Are the Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy?

Knowing whether bankruptcy is right for you often has a complicated answer. Regardless, it's important to understand that bankruptcy is not the end of the road, it is about your future. Taking this step may lead to a life that is simpler, less stressful and more enjoyable.

  • In Bankruptcy: Many individuals are able to reorganize and catch up on past due house and car payments
  • Resolve secured and unsecured creditors (medical bills, credit cards, etc.) by consolidating into a lower monthly payment.
  • Restore credit in as little as two (2) years.

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Florida Auto Insurance Guide: Are You Covered?

Insurance Information You Need to Know

  • PIP only covers 80% of medical bills
  • Driving without insurance in Florida is illegal
  • Florida has the highest uninsured motorist rate

Are you prepared for an accident in Florida? Be sure you have the right coverage.

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What to Expect During Your Bankruptcy

You may feel like filing for bankruptcy is the end of the road, but it may just be the start of a new beginning.

No one goes through life expecting to file for bankruptcy, but sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. If you're in a situation where the bills are piling up, the creditors won't stop calling you, and you're feeling overwhelmed, bankruptcy may be the right option for you.

We know that the thought of filing for bankruptcy is scary. Our free eBook will help you get a better understanding of what to expect before, during, and after bankruptcy.

Ready to learn more? Please fill out the form to get your free copy of our eBook, "What to Expect During Your Bankruptcy"!

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Foreclosure? It Doesn't Mean You Lose Your Home

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what is happening in Florida for the past few years. In this trying economy, you are not alone! Florida is currently experiencing another increase in foreclosures with the prediction that more will follow. Surely, these past few weeks, months, and maybe years have been rough on you, haven't they?

Our law firm has been fighting mortgage companies and banks for over 15 years in both state and federal courts. Unlike some law firms, the Dellutri Law Group, offers bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy strategies for fighting your foreclosure, and we are currently defending hundreds of homeowners in State and Federal Courts.

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Defending Yourself From Credit Card Lawsuits

It's often said that money can't buy happiness, but it can certainly inspire negative emotions such as sadness, embarrassment, fear and stress.

If you're facing legal action from creditors, knowing your rights is your best defense (besides than hiring an expert lawyer that-is). It is possible that the original contract that you signed and the proper assignments are not attached to the complaint against you, and may not even be in the plaintiff’s possession. The debt collector may be attempting to substitute your original contract with a copy. The debt collector may be unable to meet the legal requirements to get the contract into evidence. These defenses, along with a whole host of other defenses may be available to you.

The Dellutri Law Group has been fighting debt collectors for over 20 years. Let us help you get out from under the emotional stress caused by debt collectors.

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What Our Clients Say

Real Stories From Real People
  • “The Dellutri Law Group is a first class law firm who treats every client like they are the most important client.”

    - G.P.
  • “Working with the Dellutri Law Group is a pleasure. Their team is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and comforting throughout the whole process.”

    - T.Y.
  • “I hope I expressed just how grateful I am for all of your help these past 10 years. I doubt my words adequately expressed just how grateful I am. You have always been very kind, patient and understanding with me.”

    - Anonymous

The Dellutri Difference

  • Experience & Passion on Your Side

    Our dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, assistants, & staff have been fighting on behalf of our clients since 1998.

  • A Culture of Philanthropy

    In order to give back to our community, each employee at our firm is granted the opportunity to sponsor a charitable cause of their choosing.

  • Communication You Can Count On

    We believe that our clients deserve clear and consistent communication every step of the way, without any unnecessary "legalese."

  • Service Tailored to Your Needs

    We sincerely care about each and every one of our clients and refuse to treat them like a case file to be passed from person to person.

  • A Healthy Firm Culture

    When our employees are happy to come to work, we know that they are capable of overcoming any challenge on behalf of our clients.

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