Daysi Acuna

Guest Services

Se Habla Español

This summer, our team set out to find the best possible person to answer the phone at DLG. We wanted someone upbeat, dedicated, and hardworking — and Daysi Acuña fit the bill! She has done a fantastic job at the switchboard since we brought her on in August. Carmen interviewed Daysi personally to ensure she would be the right fit, and they hit it off immediately.

“Daysi comes from a good family. She has a strong work ethic and something else you just can’t teach: A smile in her voice and a willingness to care about and help people,” Carmen says. “Those things come naturally to her.”

When Daysi heard Carmen’s out-of-the-box interview questions and dug into DLG’s website, she knew she’d feel at home working with us. Thanks to her previous job at an insurance company, she understands the ins and outs of the health care system. That knowledge and her flawless Spanish make her the perfect person to help our personal injury clients.

“When someone calls looking for legal advice, I answer!” she says. “They explain their issue, and if it’s something we can handle, I help them set an appointment, ask what is going on in their case, gather information, and send them reminders. We have a lot of clients who speak Spanish, so my language skills are useful. They’re relieved to know someone can understand them.”

When we asked Daysi what she wanted us to tell you about her work, she said, “I’d like to remind you that you’re more than welcome to call Dellutri at any time! Sometimes people say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry I’m calling again,’ and I want to say, ‘What are you apologizing for — that’s why we’re here!’ We’re here for you whenever you need us, and it’s my pleasure to help.”

When Daysi isn’t taking your calls, she stays busy going out with friends, watching Disney movies, and rewatching episodes of “Modern Family” and “American Horror Story.” We’re lucky to have her on our team!

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