Jackie Bradford


Over the years, we’ve had amazing interns and some have stuck around after they internships were completed to remain as an integral part of our team. Jackie is one of them! Jackie is part of the marketing team and manages our social media accounts, as well as takes lead on some of our campaigns and various projects.

Jackie is currently a senior at FGCU and is working towards her Criminal Justice and Forensic Studies degree. When she’s not at the office or at school, you can find her with her pup and other pets. “I have two rescued pit bulls, a red-eared slider (turtle), and a betta fish.”

Jackie says the best part of her job is being able to work with caring people and the fact that she is able to learn where she works and develop new skills from doing such.

Passion Project:

Jackie is passionate about the organization, Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem helps children who have been impacted by a parent’s cancer. They hold events throughout the year to interact with the kids and fundraise for the annual summer camp. Camp Kesem has a significant impact on children, as they are able to have a week to be kids and let go of their worries.

Jackie said, “During one week of camp, I was able to see kids come out of their shells and grow tremendously. I believe Kesem Magic is real and helps children during tough times. Campers also find their forever friends at camp and feel not alone. Although I do not have a parent who has cancer, I connect deeply with Camp Kesem. Growing up, my parents did not have a lot of money and struggled to make ends meet. There was a time where my father's health declined, and I had to step in to help him. There were a few terrifying moments with my father's health, and I have been greatly impacted by such moments. I cannot begin to fathom how so many kids have to witness their parents suffer from cancer and take on responsibilities that children should never have to do.”

It is imperative to help children through such difficult times, as they can be impacted developmentally. Children impacted by a parent's cancer often feel alone, have difficulty sharing their emotions, struggle connecting with classmates, and face other hardships as they grow older. By supporting campers and being a positive light, Camp Kesem helps children grow and become more confident.

To learn more about Camp Kesem, please visit www.kesem.org.

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