Welcome to the Charlotte County Chamber Trivial Pursuit Game! Test your knowledge and have some fun with our engaging questions. Check out the answers below and see how well you did. Let the games begin!

  1. Which supermarket chain headquartered in Florida was started by the Jenkins family in 1903 and is the biggest employee-owned company in America? Publix
  2. As the 3rd-largest city in the state of Florida, it's not too surprising that Tampa is the seat of its home county, which is named what? Hillsborough County
  3. Although the nickname "Mr. Worldwide" suggests a broader popularity, rapper Pitbull also goes by the nickname Mr. ___, where the blank is filled with what Florida area code?305
  4. 50/50 Golf/Disc Golf analogy! Florida is to PGA Headquarters, as what neighboring state is to the headquarters of the PDGA, or Professional Disc Golf Association? Georgia

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