Scam Alert!

Recently I got a disturbing note from a colleague and fellow Attorney regarding a concerning “SCAM” that surrounds those who have filed bankruptcy petitions. We can’t know the full scope and reach of this scheme, but knew we had to alert you immediately of this situation (read the scenario below for details and what to be on high alert for). Additionally, and MOST importantly, I wanted to remind you that WE are your representatives and champions. Do NOT respond, engage with, and most of the all-send money to any debtor/business/individual/entity, etc… prior to speaking with your Dellutri Attorney first!!!!!!

Alert-Scheme Scenario:

This week at 341 meeting, a client was asking about the Saturday call from “my office” two Saturdays before. It was from a ‘male assistant’ that said fax came into my office on the Friday night before that my client would be arrested on Monday if $600 was not paid immediately. Because the call was from my business number they believed the person when they said that this particular debt (from 2011) was not dischargeable and could not be listed in the bankruptcy and had to be paid before Monday or a warrant would be issued. The number that showed up on their cell phone was my telephone number. (I do not have a male assistant) The call was deliberately on Saturday to prevent my clients from calling my office and following up. They panicked and borrowed the money and sent it by Western Union. (The alleged creditor was an internet creditor listed on the petition.) We don’t know if it was really that creditor or someone that got access to the bankruptcy petition and used the information there to pull off this scheme. When I informed the other attorneys at this 341 meeting about the situation-I was told that these debt collectors can emulate any telephone number and have it show up on the cell phone. There is currently a problem with calls from state court phone numbers alleging arrest unless a bill is immediately paid by Western Union. Warn your client right away!!!!

Please, rest assured we are on top of this situation and have no reason to expect you will have any issues at all. Still, it’s our job to ensure you are informed and protected fully, thus we wanted to alert you to this possibility. As always, CALL US FIRST!

If you have questions or concerns about this or need any legal assistance, please contact one of our experienced and dedicated attorneys! Call the Dellutri Law Group today for your Free Case Evaluation: (800) 391-4337.