Should Naples Bicyclists Be Wearing Cameras?

Bicyclists are increasingly equipping their helmets with cameras, and it is not to record the scenery. The small devices are actually intended to record what happened should the rider be involved in an accident. In many Naples bicycle accidents, the drivers of the vehicles never stop. In addition, witness accounts can be difficult to obtain. As a result, many bicyclists are taking matters into their own hands by mounting tiny “black boxes” to their helmets

According to the New York Times, the video footage is starting to play a crucial role in police investigations into hit-and-runs and other bicycle accidents around the country. The cameras have also been used in personal injury lawsuits, particularly in cases where a fault is disputed. Two Brazilian riders, who were climbing the hills of Berkeley, recorded the most notable bicycle crash videos last April. A black car crashed into them and took off without stopping. However, thanks to their cameras, police were able to determine the vehicle’s license plate and track down the owner. As Naples injury attorneys, we think the cameras may be a good idea, particularly for avid cyclists or those who ride in high-traffic areas.

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