Florida Dog Bite Injuries: High Risk Breeds

Florida has certain laws in place that are used to classify dogs as dangerous. Because any dog can bite and cause injury, the determination is not based on the breed of the dog but rather his past behavior.

Nonetheless, statistics show that some breeds of dogs are more dangerous than others and, therefore, could be more prone to cause a Florida dog bite injury. Below is a list of breeds that the Centers for Disease Control listed as most dangerous based on the number of fatal human attacks caused.

  • Pit Bull: The Pit Bull tops the CDC's list of dangerous breeds, with 66 dog bite-related deaths from 1979-1988.
  • Rottweiler: The CDC says the Rottweiler ranked second in dog bite-related fatalities with 39 deaths from 1979-1988. When combined, Rottweiler and Pit Bull breeds were involved in approximately 60 percent of human deaths in the CDC's study.
  • German Shepherds: The CDC reports German Shepherds were involved in 17 dog bite-related fatalities from 1979-1988.
  • Husky: Husky-type dogs were responsible for 15 dog bite-related fatalities from 1979-1988, ranking the breed fourth on the CDC's list.
  • Malamute: The breed was involved in 12 dog bite-related fatalities from 1979-1988, ranking it fifth on the CDC's list.
  • Doberman Pinscher: These dogs were involved in nine dog bite-related fatalities from 1979-1988, ranking it sixth on the CDC's list.
  • Chow Chow: This breed ranks seventh in dog bite-related fatalities from 1979-1988 with eight.

Source: Property Casualty 360

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