Chronic Injuries From an Airbag?

In June of 2014, Cheryl Pacheco of Assonet, Massachusetts, was involved in a car accident. During the accident, her airbag deployed. Even though no glass within her vehicle shattered, shards of glass were strewn across her car when her airbag was activated.

Two years later, Pacheco is filing a lawsuit against the makers of her Takata airbag - but it’s not for the reasons that you may think.

Chronic Pain

Pacheco claims that she is suffering from chronic pain as a result of her crash and airbag activation. She has told the press that she now suffers from chronic headaches, and, more strangely, shards of glass literally fall out of her head every once in a while. She claims that just before the glass exits her skull, she hears something that sounds like Pop Rocks (the candy that pops when eaten).

Pacheco’s latest CT scan shows that she has bumps or lumps of some sort in her skull. Her neurologist has confirmed that the scan shows calcifications, which may or may not actually be pieces of metal. She has been saving small bits of the debris mixed with pieces of hair to show a court.

Warning to Other Drivers

Pacheco has told the press that more than anything she wants other drivers to be aware of the dangers of airbags. Takata airbags have been in the news lately due to the shards of glass that are launched when the airbags go off (further, the airbags are activated due to high temperatures and not necessarily due to impact), but this symptoms that Pacheco is experiencing are a first.

Your Safety

If you believe that you have sustained injuries as a result of an airbag deployment, please make sure to contact the Dellutri Law Group today. We may be able to help.