Metallosis Related to Hip Implants

Some recent medical literature has put Stryker Corporation in the spotlight. This information is related to specific Stryker metal parts used for hip replacement surgery (specifically, Stryker products that use a V40 head). One of the possible outcomes due to this type of implant is a medical condition called ‘metallosis.’

Metallosis Defined

According to Wikipedia, Metallosis is:

“Metallosis is the putative medical condition involving deposition and buildup of metal debris in the soft tissues of the body. Metallosis has been hypothesized to occur when metallic components in medical implants, specifically joint replacements, abrade against one another.”

If we break that down further, we can define Metallosis as metal poisoning - poisoning that usually happens due to the corrosion of metal implants (usually hip implants). This type of poisoning happens when toxic levels of metal build up in the body causing major damage to bone, tissue, and the nervous system in general. 

Signs of Metallosis

There are numerous signs of Metallosis including the following (this is not an inclusive list, and you should speak with your doctor for more information if you think that you may have metal poisoning as a result of a metal implant).

  • Psychological changes including anxiety and depression
  • Blindness or visual impairment
  • Heart problems including heart failure
  • Nerve complications
  • Thyroid problems
  • Cognitive difficulties or impairment
  • Skin rashes
  • Deafness or auditory impairment
  • Loosening implant
  • Hip noises (metallic noises)

Severe Complications Resulting from Metallosis

While rare, some severe complications can result from metallosis including Vertigo, mental fogginess, and groin pain. If any of these symptoms occur, it is best to speak with your doctor immediately.

Stryker Lawsuit

If you think that a metal hip implant manufactured by Stryker, Corp might have caused any of the symptoms listed above, contact the Dellutri Law Group immediately for more information about a possible lawsuit. It is also important to contact your doctor or seek medical attention if you are in any pain possibly caused by a hip implant.