Biggest Mistakes Made Following an Accident

Sustaining physical or emotional damage is not enough to win a personal injury case. When it comes to any personal injury case, there are some definite things that you can do to ruin your chances of successfully resolving the case.

Since we want you to gain the maximum compensation that you deserve, we have listed some of the biggest mistakes that people make following any kind of accident below - be careful not to do these things.

  1. Write about your accident online. Everyone needs someone to talk to. That much is understandable. However, you have to be very careful about what you post on social media sites.
    1. It is not uncommon for lawyers to spend time looking at what people post on social media sites related to a recent accident. If you need to talk with someone, make sure that it is in private - or reach out to a licensed therapist that will keep your conversations confidential.
  2. Neglect to visit with a licensed medical doctor immediately after your accident. A number of people wait for weeks or days before seeing a doctor to assess injuries. This is a huge mistake. It is important that any kind of physical injury be documented right away so that you can have a record of the extent of your injuries as soon as possible.
  3. Questioning whether or not you are really injured. It doesn’t matter if an accident has caused an old injury to surface or whether you have a new injury as a result of the accident.
    1. Any kind of accident may require a visit to your doctor’s office. Often, things like whiplash do not surface until a few hours or days following an accident, but even this type of injury can be very dangerous to your overall physical health.
  4. Over dramatizing your injuries. We’ve all seen TV shows where someone gets into a car accident and then walks into a courtroom limping with a neck brace - even though no neck injuries were sustained. This is a bad idea. Be honest about your injuries. We demand that You and your Doctors be brutally honest with our office.
  5. Not documenting further injuries when they happen. Let’s say that you get into a car accident tonight, you go to the doctor, you follow doctor’s orders (very important), and then three weeks from now something else hurts that could have been related to that same accident. What should you do? Go back to your doctor and get it documented!

A large part of any personal injury case is whether or not an accident was handled and documented properly. No matter what kind of accident you have been in, make sure that you do not make any of the above mistakes - it could cost you in the long run.

If you were injured by someone else's negligence and you're not sure if you have a personal injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact the Dellutri Law Group today. We are here to help! We will answer your questions and assist you in any way we can.