Should You Get a Massage After an Accident?

You may have seen massage therapist signs offering special rates on post-accident massages (or chiropractic readjustments, even). A massage can sound like an amazing thing to get if you are sore from an accident, but booking a massage right after an accident might not be the best thing for your personal injury case - here’s why.

Aggravating an Injury

As we’ve said before on this blog, the best thing to do after an accident medical-wise is to meet with your doctor and to follow your doctor’s advice. Should you decide to get a massage following an accident without meeting with your doctor first, you run the risk of further aggravating any injuries.

Not only could this mean additional physical problems for you, but it could also mean that you may impact your personal injury case negatively. Why?

  1. While massage therapists are great and helpful, you may have to prove that your injuries were sustained during the accident and not from getting a massage after your accident (this could be tough to do in some cases).
  2. If you do wind up aggravating an injury further, you may not get all the compensation that you deserve.
  3. A massage therapist is not a licensed medical doctor. We strongly suggest that you visit a medical doctor prior to having any kind of work done to your body - chiropractic, massage, or otherwise.
  4. If your doctor does tell you to get a massage following an accident, this suggestion should be well documented.

Treading Carefully

After any kind of accident, it’s vital that you follow the right steps towards gaining the compensation that you deserve. There are a lot of things that you can do to impact your case negatively, and getting a massage right after an accident might be one of those things. While a massage might seem like a good idea at the time, it could turn out to be the most expensive massage of your life.

If you have been in an accident and need some legal help, call the Dellutri Law Group for a completely free consultation. It has always been our mission to make sure that the law is on your side and to guide all of our clients when it comes to what not to do in the days following an accident of any kind.