Federal Student Loan Discharges Possible for ITT Technical School Attendees

If you attended any ITT Technical School (located throughout the US), you may qualify for a federal student loan discharge. The ITT Technical School chain is closing its doors leaving some students with hefty loan bills from a school that no longer exists.

Former Students

The ITT website encourages current students to connect with one of the company’s partner schools in order to complete courses. For former students and recent graduates, though, paying off a student loan that was obtained to attend classes at a school that no longer exists is frustrating. This is why the federal government is allowing some of these loans to be discharged - but you do have to fit specific criteria to have your loans discharged.

Criteria Required

  • Former ITT students must have attended an ITT school on September 6, 2016, or have withdrawn 120 days from that date.
  • The discharge applies to Federal Direct Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, or Federal Family Education Loans.
  • Loans must have been taken in order to pay for ITT school courses
  • Students may also be reimbursed for amounts loaned.


To see whether or not you might qualify for reimbursement or discharge, you must complete a Closed School Loan Discharge application. That application can be found here. You can also contact your loan servicer and ask for this application to be sent to you. The US Government does discharge loans when schools close in most cases.

However, like anything else, you must fit the necessary criteria (above) in order to qualify for this loan break.