Sadness Strikes Good Samaritans in Indiana

Most of us have helped someone push a stalled car or have seen others do this kind and selfless act. It’s what you do when someone needs help. But in the case of 8 teens in Indiana, helping a friend’s mother push her car when it stalled outside of her home resulted in death for 4 of the teens and serious injuries to the other 4.

Cara Selby’s SUV broke down outside of her house where a slumber party hosted by her daughter was in full swing. When the kids inside of the house saw Selby was struggling to push her own car into her driveway, they ran out in unison to give the car a push. Just as they were pushing the SUV, another car driven by a 24-year old woman ran into them killing four of the teens.

No charges have been filed as of this writing.

Staying Safe on the Road

If your car breaks down, it’s best to leave the car on the side of the road and call a tow truck to move the car to a safer spot. Someone could be rounding a corner or just driving too quickly or under the influence causing a fatal accident, as was the case in Indiana.

Our hearts go out to the families impacted by this tragedy. There are no words for accidents such as this one. Please stay safe out there.