Defining an 'Act of God'

What is an Act of God?

There have been many court cases over the years that define accidents (usually auto accidents) as ‘Acts of God,’ but what does this term really mean? What is an Act of God, and how can it apply to a personal injury case? Here’s a closer look.

The ‘Act of God’ as a Legal Term

If you’ve ever watched a news story that involves one person driving through a restaurant window or causing a highway crash when conditions are good (no bad weather and no driver impairment), you’ve probably witnessed situations that could be defined as ‘Acts of God.’

Typically, these cases involve someone - we will use automobile accidents as a reference point here - that is driving, and winds up causing a major accident through no apparent fault of their own.

A driver might:

  • Be hit by lightning
  • Fall asleep at the wheel
  • Have a seizure
  • Be struck with an unknown medical condition
  • Or had something else happen that was completely unseen

‘Acts of God’ are acts that usually cannot be predicted or controlled by the person involved. While this claim is one that is regularly used in such cases, it may not stand in every case - and a good car accident lawyer can uncover the truth when this term is used wrongfully.

When an Act of God Isn’t

The law becomes complex when it comes to defining a true ‘Act of God.’ For example, it may seem like an accident caused by brake failure is an Act of God, but this isn’t usually the case - if an accident could have been prevented (a car’s brakes could have been checked and maintained) it shouldn’t be considered an Act of God.

Can You Sue For an Act of God?

If you have been in an accident that was not your fault, and you believe that the accident was a true Act of God, you will need a good legal team that can make this claim stick. On the flip side, if you have been in an accident that was caused by someone else, and this person is making an Act of God claim, you will benefit from having a strong legal team that can prove this claim to be false.

Either way, the law can be on your side when it comes to unforeseen personal injury accidents, but this is one claim that’s difficult to decipher without a thorough review of your case. Call the Dellutri Law Group today for a free case evaluation - we can help!