Google May Put an End to Repeat Debt Collection Calls

There are laws that protect people from harassing debt collection phone calls. Unfortunately, unless you know what these laws are (or have been reading this blog regularly!) you may find yourself the victim of endless phone calls from debt collectors - in this case, we are referring mostly to student loan debt collectors.

But Google might put an end to all of those phone calls. The company is working on integrating a caller ID function into Nexus and Android One devices that will notify users when a debt collector or spammer is calling. Phones with this built-in integration will flash red across the top of the screen warning users that a call is not coming from someone known.

Apple is also working on integrating spam alert caller identification into the latest iOS build, which should surface sometime this September.

An End to Debt Collection Calls?

We never advocate avoiding debt collection calls. The best thing to do is pick up the phone and try to make some kind of agreement. But we also understand that sometimes you just don’t have the money or something has gone awry - or you’ve made an agreement but those debt collectors just keep calling.

In these circumstances, knowing when a debt collector or spammer is calling will help you deal with some of the stress associated with debt. Stress is one of the main reasons why debt collectors are successful in getting people to make payment arrangements they cannot stick with - and it’s the main reason why collectors make non-stop phone calls. 

Quiet for Now

The new Google Caller ID integration will prevent spammers and debt collectors from making numerous calls daily to the same user, but it won’t be the end of these calls. Debt collectors have various ways of connecting with people (including calling a place of work or a relative), but Google (and Apple) does have a great idea with the new Caller ID feature.

Debt Help

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