The VW Response to Emissions Fixing

Volkswagen representatives have been relatively quiet in the face of the recent emissions scandal, but owners of the VW models referenced by the EPA have been getting letters of apology (sources note).

While recognizing the company’s mistakes, these letters do nothing to rectify the situation. Further, Volkswagen has asked VW owners to sit tight and wait patiently while the company attempts to come up with a viable solution to this problem.

VW’s Loud Silence

VW owners that thought they were buying environmentally friendly VW models have been waiting for a response from the automotive company. Even though billions of dollars in damages are expected to be paid by the company, nothing has been settled yet.

Most VW owners are waiting for some kind of compensation, but others have been questioning whether or not VW might actually be able to fix the car problem.

Can These Cars Be Fixed?

There’s some speculation as to whether or not the VWs impacted can be fixed as an alternative to the company paying out any kind of settlement. However, the cost of repairing a single VW TDI (as this article notes) would be massive - in the $37,000 range.

Alternately, the cost of buying back each car would start at roughly $6000. Both scenarios seem unlikely when you consider the fact that there are more than 500,000 diesel VW cars in question (not to mention the Audi make and model that is included in this scandal).

What can car owners love their VW diesel but are feeling duped do? One of the best courses of action is to join a class-action lawsuit against the company, but that should be carefully considered in each and every circumstance. This type of collective suit is one of the best ways to gain VW’s attention, and it’s something that the Dellutri Law Firm is working tirelessly on.

If you have a VW that is part of the emissions scandal, make sure to contact us today. While it’s possible that VW might repair the many cars that clearly do not have a clean emissions record, you still deserve to be compensated.