Naples Injury Lawyers Offer Top Bicycle Helmet Do’s and Don’ts

As Naples injury lawyers, we know that bicycle helmets save lives. In fact, studies have shown that bicycle helmets are over 85 percent effective in mitigating head and brain injuries, making the use of helmets the single most effective way to reduce head injuries and fatalities resulting from bicycle crashes.

However, a helmet will only protect you from head injuries if you are wearing it correctly.

Below are a few tips for ensuring your bicycle helmet does its job:

  • Make sure the helmet is safe. Look for a seal of approval from organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or Snell Memorial Foundation.
  • Make sure the helmet fits. You shouldn't be able to move the bicycle helmet more than one inch in any direction, front to back or side-to-side. The sizing pads included with every bicycle helmet can help make the fit more secure.
  • Make sure you are wearing the helmet properly. Wear the helmet flat on the top of your head. You should also be sure to fasten the chinstrap below your chin — not to the side or along your jaw.
  • Make sure the helmet does not restrict your visibility. If the bicycle helmet straps block your vision — even a little bit — choose another helmet. Likewise, make sure motorists and other cyclists can see you. Choose a white or brightly colored helmet. Some helmets even come with lights. Source: Mayo Clinic

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