Halloween Safety Tips

At the Dellutri Law Group, our mission has always been to make sure that you and your family are safe. Whether it’s keeping you safe from drunk drivers or making sure that you know your rights, we want you to enjoy life without getting in harm’s way.

We are about to embark on that time of year when (unfortunately) many accidents happen. Most of the time, those accidents can be prevented simply by following some safety steps. For many of us, Halloween kicks off the fall/winter holiday season, which is why we’ve prepared these essential Halloween safety tips. 

Top Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Stay on the path. When you’re little ghosts and goblins are out trick or treating, make sure that they do not wander off on someone’s property. While the driveway or other area might be safe, you can’t be sure that there are no holes or other dangerous areas on someone’s property. Cutting across the lawn in between homes could be hazardous.
  2. Make sure that your children are visible. Even though an all-black witch’s costume might be the thing that your child really wants to wear this year, add a strip of yellow or other reflective material to the outfit. Sometimes drivers can’t see trick or treaters - and that spells serious danger.
  3. Stay away from power lines and other areas that appear unsafe. Sometimes children like to try and climb new heights on Halloween or go to areas where they are not supposed to go (especially teens!). Keep your children safe by reminding them to stay away from dangerous areas.
  4. If your children are headed out to a costume party, make sure that they have a designated driver. The same goes for you if you are headed out that night!
  5. Little children should carry a flashlight or some sort of glow stick.
  6. Masks should only be worn when approaching a house - it’s hard to see sidewalks, cars, and holes while wearing a mask! So, please make sure your little pokemon can easily lift his or her mask between goody stops.
  7. If you have a dog or other pet and are handing out candy, keep your pet inside the house and out of the way. Not only are some children scared of animals, but sometimes your pet might be scared and react negatively. You don’t want a personal injury claim on your hands!
  8. Make sure that your child can walk properly. Costume shoes and long materials can cause children to trip and fall. If your child can’t walk without tripping, trim that costume.

Keeping Everyone Safe

If you plan to hand out candy at your home, please make sure that your home is well lit, and if you have a potential hazard on your property, take precautions. You could create a barrier around the hazard with caution tape or even make a scary Halloween scene out of it.

Second, if possible, set up a table and hand out the candy at the end of your driveway nearest to the street. This will prevent all of those little ones running up your and down your driveway or lawn. Lastly, never let your kids go trick or treating alone, make sure they have constant adult supervision and always make sure to inspect all candy.

Halloween accidents can be prevented - just follow this safety list! If you have any other safety tips, please feel free to share them with us, and we will update our list accordingly.