Why You Shouldn’t Lie to Your Lawyer & Why You Might Be Tempted To

We have all done things that we wish we hadn’t done ( I know I have), but if you are filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver or a debt collector or a debt collection attorney for something that they did or you did (or didn’t do), it’s important that you are honest with your lawyer about all of the details.

Why It’s Tempting

There is a myriad of reasons why it might be tempting to withhold information from your attorney. Some of the reasons why include:

  • Shame: This is the number one reason why truths are withheld. Even though you might be ashamed of some of the things you did, your lawyer is not being paid to judge you.
  • Hoping to win: some people believe that telling the whole truth will immediately result in a guilty decree. This is not the case.
  • Fear: you might be afraid that someone you know will find out what you did and judge you for those actions. For example, let’s say that you really let loose on a debt collector who pushed you over the edge and said some four-letter words that you now regret. Trust me, they will remember that you said some nasty things.

Not only is it tempting to lie to your attorney for the above reasons, but it’s also not a good plan. Sometimes, it’s best to simply put it all on the table and deal with those rougher emotions - sooner or later it will all be disclosed anyway.

Why It’s A Bad Move

Your attorney will spend days (and often weeks or months) digging up every single detail of your case. All receipts, calls, texts, emails - everything. Gathering as much information as they can about your case is the exact reason why you hired your attorney, so they will eventually dig up those details that you tried to hide.

Additionally, if your attorney does not dig up one of those secret details but someone else does, you’re case might turn south when your credibility is questioned. On the other hand, if you tell your lawyer about everything from day one, he or she will be able to build your case and credibility based on this information -- and offer you the best possible line of defense.

Trust us when we say that lying to your attorney doesn’t work for anyone - not you and certainly not for your attorney. If you have legal questions about your injuries from a car accident or questions about debt collector harassment, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly discuss your situation with you, answer your questions and provide you with a road map going forward. Our goal is to help people make excellent legal decisions about their case.