How Reliable Is Yelp? Our Personal Experience

It has always been our mandate to give the best possible service to every client. Our entire team takes great pride in making sure that our clients get all the help they need. Normally, our clients are thrilled with the guidance that we provide - and if one of our clients is not happy, we take the time to find out why (and to fix that problem).

So you can imagine our surprise when we found a negative review of our firm on Yelp. We tried for days to track down the reviewer. We only had a set of initials to go on (and no address or other information). Our goal was to try and find out why this person had a negative experience - and to offer help in any way that we could. Our search turned up no results.

Then we started to sift through Yelp a bit more. We discovered some unsettling truths. 

Buried Positive Experiences

After spending some time looking through the site, we discovered that there were a number of positive reviews as well. Unfortunately, those reviews were hidden. Our office phoned Yelp to try and find the rest of the reviews our law group had received. Yelp company representatives had to tell us where to find our positive reviews. It took some time.

For some reason, the negative review that we found gained 10 stars on the ‘helpful review’ rating scale - but the numerous positive reviews we discovered did not gain any helpful stars! We started to do some more digging. We have also found out that Yelp removed the 5-star rating our other clients gave us. Just to show you that we are not making up these positive reviews, they are listed at the end of this article.

But we have some more to tell you.

Paid Positive Reviews?

A recent article on the Forbes website gives hints as to why some positive reviews on Yelp simply do not show up. According to this article, the positive reviews on Yelp only appear if a company advertises on the site. Otherwise, the negative reviews are the ones that show up.

While we don’t assume that everything we read on the Internet is backed by honesty, we do want the positive reviews that our clients post on a site like Yelp to appear. Hiding positive reviews is more than dishonest - it’s misleading. If you are considering retaining our services or relying on reviews that appear on Yelp, we want you to carefully consider this article -- and to take a look at the reviews that Yelp won’t show you listed below. 

Our Hidden Yelp Reviews

Ronda B.
Fort Myers, FL
[5.0-star rating]

Due to the economy going sour a few years ago, I ended up with some debt I could not pay. The Dellutri Law Group was able to negotiate with a debt collector for a large settlement. The debt collector had filed a judgment against me for two loans they bought. Carmen managed to settle with more than half of the total amounts and secured the Satisfaction of Judgment for me. Carmen and his team kept me updated on all the steps and procedures. Thank you, Carmen!


Florida Man O.
Delray Beach, FL
[5.0-star rating]

The Dellutri Law Group has been great helping my family through this time in our lives. Everyone was always helpful whenever I called or visited. The receptionists were very polite and the office is very welcoming and comfortable. Carmen really took the time to explain to me what was going on in terms I could understand and what his firm was going to do to fix it. They did everything they said they were going to do and more, which is huge in my book. I was nervous going into this situation but I can't express enough how happy I am with the results. A huge thank you to everyone at the Dellutri Law Group!!


Carl C.
Cape Coral, FL
[5.0-star rating]

We would like to Thank The Dellutri Law Group for the confident, personal, professional and prompt care that was extended to My Family. We had a challenging and complex case that Mr. Dellutri agreed to assist us in meeting our desired results. Mr. Dellutri and His Team were compassionate, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable which assisted us in a successful outcome. We would highly recommend this firm for your legal needs.

Thanks Again Carl C. 

Ana R.
Wellington, FL
[5.0-star rating]

Great law firm. professional and always helpful. I highly recommended. The staff returns your calls and email on a great timely matter. 

Barb R. Fort Myers, FL
[5.0-star rating]

Dellutri Law Firm is simply the best. The lawyers and staff all have a level of integrity and professionalism I have never experienced before. They will make you feel positive about a less than desirable time in your life. When my husband was laid off, we lost our home, were buried in debt and to add insult to injury the first lawyer we went to made us feel like low lives. It was just awful. But after hearing Mr. Dellutri on a local radio channel I gathered up the nerve to call in and ask him a few things. Especially the things the previous lawyer told us. He simply said, "Give me a chance. I know I can help." And he did. I can't say enough about this firm. They were there for us in the beginning and have been ever since. They won't forget you. They will answer your calls and emails. I promise you - this firm is the best.

Kathy W.
Fort Myers, FL
[5.0-star rating]

Mr. Dellutri,

First, I want to say from the bottom of our hearts how grateful we are you took the time out of your busy schedule to meet with my husband, Thomas today. Thomas mentioned how kind you were with a willing and caring spirit in guiding us in the right direction with the property taxes and code enforcement.

Second, I am truly sorry I didn't get a chance to see you today. It has always been a pleasure.

Third, Alaina was very kind and helpful in scheduling the appointment yesterday. Sue Campbell has always been very helpful in the past. What a great office staff!

Lastly, we were pleased with your service in the past and will definitely contact you for any service we may need in the future, and also, refer family and friends.

Again, Thank you!!

Thomas and Kathy Watkins

Robert F.
Cape Coral, FL
[5.0-star rating]

This is the finest law office in Ft. Myers. Carmen Dellutri is a compassionate and highly educated legal source on bankruptcy law and more. I firmly believe he can help anyone who gets in over their head as to financial woes. Personal and professional staff is also part of this team.

Anita K.
Cape Coral, FL
[5.0-star rating]
August 18, 2014

Dear Mr. Dellutri,

My husband and I want to thank you and your incredible support team for all of your time, advice, concern, and the reassurances you have given us with our case. Not knowing what to expect, we kept waiting for the sky to fall, but, thankfully, it never did (as you indicated it would not).

We were also impressed over and over again on the quick responses to our questions and can't say enough about the professionalism your group gave us. In particular, please know that Ashley, Alaina, and Ronnie were outstanding and dealt with each of our concerns promptly. You are a lucky "boss" to have such a devoted team and they represent you well.

I also enjoyed reading the articles you wrote on the web network and found your arguments very informative.

My husband and I are relieved to have gone through the process and we are grateful for the quick and honest answers to our questions. Thanks, again.


Anita K.

Leslie C.
Fort Myers, FL
[5.0 star rating]

The staff is absolutely amazing!!! The level of service is second to none, calls and emails are always returned promptly and clients are treated like family. They truly care about each and every client and work tirelessly to make sure that get a win!!!