What to Do When an Ambulance Hits a Parked Car

What can you do if an ambulance has hit your parked car? This scenario happens more often than you think, and there are steps that you can take to try and recoup some of that car repair money. As with any case, we do urge you to speak with a qualified attorney immediately about your specific case (since all cases are unique), but here are the basic steps that you can take.

Your Rights

Emergency vehicles have the right to break certain traffic laws in order to get to the hospital or the scene of an emergency on time. However, emergency vehicle drivers can be held accountable for hitting another car while in transit. Just as with any other accident, you do have the right to claim damages. But unlike other accidents, getting your money might be a bit harder to do.

Here are the steps to take:

  • File a police report
  • Try and recall and write down the name of the ambulance company
  • Write down the names of any witnesses, the time of the accident, and the date
  • Make sure to note any street corners or other identifying landmarks with photographs
  • Take pictures of the damages done to your vehicle 

Next Steps

With the help of the police report, you can call the ambulance company to state your case. The company should be able to determine the name of the ambulance driver after you have given the proper details (as stated above).

In some cases, an ambulance company might repair any damages done to the emergency vehicle, but all of these repairs should be on file with the ambulance company (you’ll have to ask for this information). If the insurance company refuses to pay your claim and you feel that the driver was driving carelessly, you may need to file suit to pursue your claim.

Proving Your Case

It is up to you to prove that an ambulance hit your vehicle, and this might be hard to do. Since ambulance drivers are legally allowed to break some traffic laws and drive at high speeds, it might be hard to claim reckless driving. However, it is not impossible to recoup some of the money that you may have had to pay to repair your vehicle.

Since suing an ambulance company is tough, we highly recommend that you contact the Dellutri Law Firm today for more information. We offer free case evaluations and we’re happy to look at your case for you.