Should I Modify My Mortgage With a Chapter 13 or Without?

The decision to file bankruptcy is, without a doubt, difficult. The price of a consultation is usually free though, as is the case at our offices. Why not explore your options?

Many people do not realize how powerful a chapter 13 bankruptcy is as a financial planning tool. I speak to people daily who are struggling and have been struggling for years. Once we discuss their options, their eyes open to new possibilities, and they often realize they have been struggling in vain.

Modification of your mortgage is one of those issues confronting homeowners nationwide. Many—if not all of them—however, also have credit card debt, medical bills, car payments, student loans, etc. If you are one of the lucky individuals whose only debt is your mortgage, good for you. (Stop reading. You are done.)

For the other 99.99 percent of us who have other obligations, a chapter 13 individual reorganization may provide you with the relief you need. You could modify your mortgage, consolidate all unsecured debt, eliminate interest, and eliminate all the stress that people experience when paying bills.

So, pick up the phone and make the call to set up a free consultation, and see if changing the way you look at things is an option. For this year, change your perspective—change your life.