The Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy Law inspires me. Here is a little story about why it does. There are many lawyers out there searching for their dream jobs. The other day I heard about another tall building lawyer (we call them TBLs) leaving one very prominent firm to head to another very prominent firm.

I asked myself why he would leave. That is a good question, but one I cannot answer since I've never worked for a tall building law firm, and I really don't know what the culture is like.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have been in these places and to me they have always felt cold, but I was only a visitor. Who knows, after I left maybe everyone began smiling and high-fiving each other. It could have happened that way, and my vision of that happening actually made me smile, but I doubt anyone high-fived anyone after I left. I'm willing to bet that the support staff kept tapping away at their keyboards, and they continue to do so today.

I need to be in a comfortable setting where I can smile, laugh, and enjoy myself because I know I am doing good work that really helps people. I like to joke around and have fun, and I believe that you can do so at work, in moderation.

Interestingly, when you graduate from law school, you can go anywhere and do anything. You are a lawyer, but you have not been "branded" yet. I started out practicing personal injury law. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help a person who was injured by the negligence of others. I truly enjoy it, and I am still actively involved in our personal injury practice.

When I started my own firm though, I was handling personal injury cases and personal bankruptcy cases. I learned quickly that as a sole practitioner with a small staff, I had another job--I was the leader, and the success of the business rested on my shoulders. I could create another cold culture with a bunch of worker bees or I could create a law firm where everyone really enjoyed coming to work.

The Dellutril Law Group team enjoys coming to work because they know they are helping real people with real problems. I wanted to run the company in a certain way, and therefore, I had to spread my vision to everyone in the office--and get them to buy in--otherwise, I would be herding cats. I had to inspire everyone to believe and to understand that what we were doing for our clients really mattered in their lives--and changed things for them in a positive way. That really is an important mission and one I remind myself of at least 20 times a day.

Bankruptcy law is truly financial planning for the future. It changes finances, emotions, relationships, and futures. What could be more important than that? Likewise, it gives our firm a bigger goal. We have the ability to help shape the law. We handle a multitude of bankruptcy cases in any given year, and many of them are routine cases wherein the legal issues are recognized and dealt with; and although it doesn't happen very often in a lawyer's career, every once in a while you get a case where you can shape the law for the better.

I love seeing our clients interact with our paralegals and assistants. I encourage our clients to meet with them and discuss issues that are important to them. Again, this inspires all of us and is in line with my vision for the firm.