BP Oil Spill Claims: There's Still Time to File

It's been four years since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, more commonly known as the BP Oil Spill. Southwest Florida went into an extended tourism slump after the oil spill because tourists didn't want to take the chance that oil would wash up on shore during their vacation. Many Southwest Florida businesses that filed claims are still waiting to receive compensation that they're rightfully entitled to. The upside to the repeated delay by BP is that businesses that have not yet filed a claim still have the ability to do so. As of today, there is no set deadline for claims to be filed if you're entitled to receive compensation for your losses.

Why Should I Use an Attorney Rather Than an Accountant to File My Claim?

This is not an automated claims process, and negotiating the claims process requires an attorney who understands the process, the legal ramifications of the ongoing litigation, and the terms and releases you are agreeing to by accepting the settlement. It is becoming increasingly obvious that BP is planning on challenging claims at every turn and if your claim goes to an appeal hearing you are going to want to have an experienced legal practitioner who knows your case from the beginning. 

What Should I Expect at the Consultation?

If you're not sure whether you have a valid claim, consultation with an experienced attorney can provide a thorough examination of your eligibility. Your consultation is free and will provide a preliminary review to determine if you have a claim. In order to have the most effective consultation please bring your tax returns for the years 2007-2011 as well as your monthly profit and loss statements for 2007-2011.

Who Will Be Filing My Claim?

Attorneys who are educated on filing BP claims will work with you to help you get the maximum settlement for which you are eligible. An attorney will also help you handle all of the calculations, tracking, deadlines, and follow-up procedures. Our attorneys at the Dellutri Law Group will file the claims themselves and will not just refer your case to another attorney who you have never met and are not able to reach.

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Claim?

There are many businesses that are still awaiting their settlement, and even more, businesses are likely to file claims in the coming weeks. While there is no cap amount that BP will pay to those who have claims, the process may take many months to finalize, however, the expectation is that as the legal maneuvering by BP ends payment times will shorten.

What Can I Do With the Money?

The BP settlement funds are meant to repay those who were affected and to help put money back into the economy. Your BP settlement is an opportunity to reinvest the money into your business and get you back on track, expand into new markets, offer new services, or service the debt that helped get you or the company through the downturn.

Although the money can't bring back the family, friends and community members who were lost, BP is trying to do the right thing by offering restitution to businesses that were economically affected by the BP Oil Spill.