BK Net Systems: Troublesome Complaints

BK Net Systems was a paralegal company based in Tampa, Florida. The company operated for roughly three years and has now gone out of business. While it is normal for companies to close when things do not align, some things about this company do not add up.

Serious Complaints

After receiving a few calls from former BK Net Systems clients, we decided to do some digging. What we discovered were a number of complaints from former BK Net Systems clients. Many former clients complained that this company took large sums of money from them but never delivered any real legal services.

One complainant notes that BK Net Systems took thousands of dollars and stated that an attorney at a prominent law firm had been contacted - after calling that law firm to confirm that a lawyer was, in fact, working on that specific case, the former BK client revealed that nobody at that firm had ever been contacted. In short, BK Net Systems took money from former clients but never supplied any real legal help.

Disappearing Act

BK Net Systems and all of the company’s former staff seems to have disappeared. The company’s former website states that:

‘...BK Net Systems Inc. is the servicing paralegal company working with your law firm as it pertains to your bankruptcy filing. BK Net Systems Inc. will be going out of business as of October 1st, 2016 (except for the limited transition services described below) and will be severing our relationship with the law firm. We realize what a stressful time this has been, and of course, you can continue to work with the law firm you originally retained. We intend to ease the transition process to the best of our current, limited abilities. In this regard, BK Net Systems will no longer be collecting any additional fees from any law firm or taking on new cases, but we are continuing to offer you our services as long as we are able. Our services will be limited to continuing to collect your documents, preparing a draft of your petition for your attorney and handing off the case to your attorney; all in an effort to keep any additional fees to a minimum. Of course, any additional fees required by your attorney would need to be discussed with your attorney directly as would any legal questions or opinions...’ 

Your Legal Rights

If you have given this company any amount of money or trusted your bankruptcy proceedings to them, you have rights. Contact the Dellutri Law Group today to find out what you can do and how we can help you going forward.

At the Dellutri Law Group, we take the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Process seriously. We take issue with individuals or companies who abuse the system that we strive to uphold each and every day for our clients. We understand that no-one enters the Bankruptcy Court without caution. The Bankruptcy Court is supposed to be a place where the honest, but unfortunate debtors can seek shelter.

When individuals are taken advantage of by some unscrupulous company while they are looking forward to the lifeline that the Bankruptcy Court offers, it hurts all of the Attorneys, Paralegals, Assistants and even Receptionists who are out there busting their humps every day to make sure that their clients have an amazing experience while reorganizing their finances.