Out of Work and Injured: This Could Be You

Getting into an auto accident and winding up unemployed couldn’t happen to you -- or could it? What about having an accident on the way to a job interview? Most people that end up injured and unemployed never thought that they would be in such a difficult position and yet it happens more often than most people would like to think.

Now, just to be specific, we are not talking about Workers Compensation cases, where people are injured in the course and scope of their employment. We are talking about people who are injured in a car accident and can no longer work or people who were injured while unemployed and now cannot work. What can you do if you find yourself without work and in need of medical care? Here are some ways to get by.

Look to Your Auto Insurance Benefits First

Under Florida law, every owner of an automobile that is operated on Florida roads is required to have Personal Injury Protection benefits. Those benefits may be used to pay a portion of an insured’s lost wages after an accident. Even if you are unemployed, you can apply for lost wages if a Doctor says you are unable to work.

Suing for Job Loss Following an Accident

Is it possible to sue the person that caused your accident if it resulted in job loss? In most cases, it is possible to sue the person responsible for your damages after an accident. Typically, there are two types of damages: economic damages and non-economic damage.

A portion of your damage claim may include things such as loss of future earnings and potential loss of earnings. To prove these damages, you would have to prove that you would have made a certain salary were you not injured. As you might imagine, these damages are a bit hard to prove.

Other damages may include: loss of wages, benefits, profits, and even missed business opportunities. Once again, you will have to prove that the accident caused you to lose your job and any prospective business.