Your Bankruptcy Attorney and Technology

If the attorney that you were thinking about is not using the latest technologies to help them process your case more efficiently, it may be time to keep searching for another attorney.  Using the latest technology is similar to practicing law.  In the practice of law, your attorney needs to be updated on the most relevant caselaw across the nation which could potentially affect how your case is processed in Florida.  Yes, that is correct.  There could be a ruling in Iowa yesterday that could effect your case in Florida today.  So, if your attorney is not keeping up on the latest technology, he or she may not be keeping up with the most recent case law or newest trends in the law either.  When that happens, it could cost somebody money, and, I hate to say it, but it won’t be the attorney.

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney, a question you should ask, but many don’t, is: How will you use technology to assist you in processing my file?  It may sound like a crazy question, but many bankruptcy attorneys are living in the Stone Age when it comes to using technology to make the processing and progression of your case more efficient.  Ever since Covid was in full swing, the technology companies have been creating new technologies to help consumer bankruptcy attorneys become much more efficient in the processing of their files, which in turn, will help them move your case along more efficiently toward either confirmation in a chapter 13 case or discharge in a chapter 7.  The technology is out there, but, if the attorneys are not embracing the technology, it could be putting you and your case at a disadvantage.  Just Saying.  At the Dellutri Law Group, we have four consumer bankruptcy attorneys who are on the cutting edge of legal technology, case law and trends.  If you, or a loved one needs to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer, please call us for a free strategy session.