How Do Florida's Laws Address Injuries from Mass Transit Accidents?

What is Florida’s Common Carrier Law?

Under the Common Carrier Law in Florida, public transportation drivers are held to a higher duty of care standard than regular licensed drivers. Drivers of commercial vehicles and buses must adhere to lower speed limits in various hazardous areas to keep passengers and other motorists safe. The law also outlines that these drivers must never engage in distracted driving. There are also restrictions on the consecutive number of hours a driver can drive a commercial or public vehicle, after which they must take time off work. Personal injury attorneys in Florida explain how to handle injuries from mass transit accidents.

What Are Some of the Most Common Mass Transit Accidents in Florida?

Mass transit vehicles are generally safe, but not immune to accidents. The aftermath of these crashes can be devastating, and you can suffer life-long injuries that can be costly. You may also become permanently disabled, and it’s your right to pursue compensation for the damages. If you or your loved one were injured while using mass transit, you may not know what to do or how to recover total compensation for the damages. Skilled Florida car accident lawyers can evaluate your case and guide you on how to file a claim. Common mass transit accidents types for which you can be able to collect compensation are: Bus accidents Train accidents Airplane accidents Mass transit accidents due to violations of the Common Carrier Law can have severe consequences for the operators. Working with experienced car accident lawyers in Florida can make it easier for you to navigate the complex process to recover the compensation you deserve.

Does PIP Apply in Mass Transit Accidents?

Personal Injury Protection is a term you will likely hear during your personal injury case as you pursue compensation. It is a policy available as part of your auto insurance if you own a vehicle. So, if you got into an accident with a bus while driving your car, PIP coverage applies to your case. It doesn't apply if you were injured as a passenger on public transportation, but you can still recover compensation for the damages. Lawyers experienced in mass transit accident cases can provide legal counsel and representation for a favorable outcome.

How Can I Recover Compensation After a Mass Transit Accident?

The first step in recovering compensation in any accident type is determining liability. The process is often complex, as a lot goes into investigating the events leading to the accident. Car accident attorneys in Florida can work with accident reconstruction experts and expert witnesses to uncover how the accident happened and who or what is likely to be responsible for the crash.

Parties That Could Be Liable in a Mass Transit Accident

Parties that may be liable for the accident and your injuries are: Bus drivers: If they are not adequately trained for the job, knowingly commit traffic violations, drive under the influence, or drive while distracted, drivers can be held accountable for the injuries. Mass transit companies: Companies may be held liable if they are found to be negligent in their hiring practices. They must hire qualified drivers and continue training them for safety. They also must maintain their vehicles to operate safely. Manufacturers: Vehicle and parts manufacturers can carry the blame for selling unsafe products or not installing them with safety equipment. If investigations reveal defects in the vehicles or the parts that caused the accident, the manufacturer should be made to compensate you. Others: There could also be negligent parties on the road, such as other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians who do not uphold their duty of care to themselves and other road users. Once your car accident attorneys in Florida determine liability, they can file a compensation claim with the vehicle’s or liable party’s insurance company. They may also file a lawsuit if the insurance company is uncooperative or unwilling to offer a fair out-of-court settlement.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Mass Transit Accident Claims?

Before filing a personal injury claim for a mass transit accident in Florida, you must know the 14-day rule. It requires you to seek medical care for your injuries and have them documented by a certified physician within 14 days of the accident. Not seeking medical care within the time limit can make you ineligible for a settlement. You also must file your lawsuit within the deadline for personal injury cases. Florida has a two-year time limit from the accident date, with a few exceptions in exceptional cases. Your attorneys can help you put together all the evidence you need to back up your claim. They can also fight to see that you receive compensation for: Emergency treatment Surgeries Hospital stays Prescription medications Doctor’s appointments Imaging tests Medical devices Lost wages Loss of earning capacity Loss of consortium Pain and suffering.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights in a Mass Transit Accident Case

When you get into a bus or other mass transit means, you hope to reach your destination safely. Unfortunately, no one controls what happens, and you could get into an accident that severely injures you. The steps you take after the accident are crucial in helping you pursue compensation. Consult skilled car accident attorneys in Florida for advice. Dellutri Law Group is a civil litigation law firm with passionate personal injury attorneys who can look into your case. We have been helping clients injured in various types of accidents for over 20 years, and we can look into your claim, too. Personal injury laws are complex; you can trust our team to help you navigate them. Call us at 800-391-4337 to schedule a free consultations.