Can My Ex Still Show Up at the Meeting of Creditors if I Have a Restraining Order Against Them?

At the meeting of creditors, your creditors are allowed to show up and ask questions about your financial situation - assets, income, expenses and debts. If you absolutely need to be at your ex-spouses meeting of creditors, you can hire an attorney to appear on your behalf this way you won't be in violation of a court order, but you'll still be protecting your rights. Second thing you can do is to go to the court and ask for permission to attend the meeting of creditors. You can only do this if there's absolutely no other alternative. The other way you can handle it is to have an attorney to do a Rule 2004 examination. It's like a deposition where you have an opportunity to examine the debtor under oath. You should always get permission of the court instead of violating a restraining order.