Student Loan Debt

Hello everybody, I’m Attorney Carmen Dellutri, and I’m here today to talk about something super exciting. I’m super pumped today. I’m probably going to speak 100 miles an hour. Now the bankruptcy courts have adopted a student loan mediation program. What this means for everybody, it’s pretty amazing. If you have students loans, and you feel like a hamster on a wheel, just running, running, running but never getting anywhere, now we have the opportunity to go into the bankruptcy court, Chapter 13, restructure your payments to all your creditors, and include the student loans, so that you’re actually making headway on student loans.

For years, people were going through the bankruptcy process, including the student loans, paying them a little something, but getting out of the bankruptcy court, but now they owe more than when they went in, and that just wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. So now the judges have finally got together and said, look, we’re going to implement this student loan mediation program to allow people to get together with their creditors, figure out a gameplan, so they can start making meaningful payments on the student loans by working together, then bring it before the judge. The judge will put their stamp of approval on it as long as it meets all the requirements of the code. And now we have an opportunity to help people get even further in life. Bankruptcy has just become the ultimate tool to battle your student loans. So again, if you want a free consultation, please feel free to reach out to Dellutri Law Group. Let’s see what the Dellutri Law Group can do for you.