The Lawyer Becomes the Teacher! Dellutri Law Group Is Coming to a Classroom Near You!

Last month I extended an invitation to any high school student considering a degree in law to come to my office and see what it’s all about. And the response was overwhelming! Not only did Dellutri Law Group receive a ton of student essays, but we received inquiries from principals and teachers too.

As I mentioned in that previous article, teachers played a huge role in my development as a student of the law. Any student can attend a subpar law school and still have access to some wonderful teachers. I was lucky my parents provided me the opportunity to get a great education, but it was my teachers who made the greatest impact. I sought out the best teachers every chance I had, forming my college schedule around their courses for years.

There are too many instances in my academic career to note here, but without encouragement and support from my teachers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It goes without saying that all teachers are a valuable part of our society’s infrastructure. They help countless students create futures they never dreamed could be possible.

Of the emails my office received in the last month, one was from a college buddy who now teaches college students. He asked if I would be willing to lecture in his classes. And that’s when it hit me: I too can be a classroom resource for teachers! Just because Dellutri Law Group can only accommodate one student in the firm at a time doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to visit students myself.

So let’s reverse the roles — let me be the teacher for the day (or at least a class period).

If you are or know a teacher, I’d love to open a dialogue with your students about not only a potential career in law, but the importance of higher education and worthwhile careers in general! From high school students to undergrads, so much can be learned from hearing about and seeing successful careers in action.

I knew I wanted a career in law long before college, but I didn’t meet a practicing lawyer until I got to law school. Imagine what would have happened if I’d met a lawyer when I was still in high school — talk about a head start!

With spring break behind us and summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to set your students on the path to a fulfilling career. So I’m calling all teachers — a visit from Dellutri Law Group won’t disappoint! Contact Dellutri Law Group so we can set something up.