Credit Card Debt

LVNV Funding and Resurgent Capital Services: What You Need to Know

Recently, a company called LVNV Funding acquired a large amount of debt. This acquisition may have resulted in you being contacted by someone from LVNV or another company called Resurgent Capital Services.

We know that being contacted by debt collectors can be stressful. We understand the sleepless nights and worry that goes along with debt hanging over your head. That’s why we want you to breathe a massive sigh of relief and know that that we can help.

What to Do Now

The first thing that you have to do is find out what debt LVNV has acquired. Write down the amount and the debt owed and anything else that you can remember about it. Next, put all letters and other documents from either of these two companies in a safe spot (folder or somewhere else).

If you have heard from either of these companies via phone, write down the person’s name, date, and time of the phone call. It’s essential to keep track of the details when it comes to any lawsuit.

Should You Settle?

These companies may offer you some kind of payment arrangement. But it’s not always wise to take the first offer. It’s possible -- and we see this all the time -- that the debt collectors did not file the lawsuit properly.

Do you know what happens if this is the case? The suit is null and void. The other benefit here is that the debt collector may have to pay you damages if the lawsuit was not filed correctly. So, you could get money from the collectors and not the other way around.

What Next?

We know the loopholes. We know how to fight debt collectors. We know what your rights are. Contact us about your LVNV or Resurgent Capital Services debt, and we will help you. You can now breathe a massive sigh of relief, knowing that we are on your side!