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Steps to Take if You Are Run off the Road (and How to Make a Bandana Mask)

Covid-19 cases in Florida are on the rise, which means you may want to think about turning your favorite bandana into a mask.

Not only can you ward off potential germs, but covering your face while riding is a good way to avoid swallowing bugs, dust, and other pollutants that might be in the air (did you hear about the bacteria this monster sand storm is carrying?!).

We did some investigating and found three easy ways to take your favorite bandana and turn it into a face mask:


If you don’t want to wear it while you ride, you can always leave your folded bandana around your neck while you’re on your bike and flip it up to your face when you stop. We’re also seeing a lot of reckless driving out there, so take a minute to look at what you need to do if you have been run off the road.

Run off the Road? Here’s What to Do

In the best possible scenario, you were able to grab a photo of the car that ran you off the road along with a license plate number. Or, that person was kind of enough to stop and see if you are ok. But, if neither one of those things happened (and they usually don’t), here’s what you can do:

  1. Unless you were able to gather identifying information about the other driver, you don’t have a lot of options -- but you do have Uninsured Motorist Insurance.
  2. See if anyone saw what happened. If you can find a witness or two, write down their name, number, and address. If you have a recording option on your phone and can record a statement on the spot, even better.

  3. Report what happened as soon as possible. Call the police and file a report. Give the police as many details as you can muster.

  4. Look around for any video cameras that may have captured the vehicle before the incident, during the incident or after the incident. Look for cameras that may have caught the year, make and model of the offender’s car, or maybe the license plate. But, don’t wait too long as many cameras record over events within 24 hours.

Sometimes you can’t avoid a car that isn’t trying to avoid you. Hopefully, you were not injured in the incident and can walk away without any major damage. If you were injured and need help, you will need an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer, please call us today, and we will be happy to start investigating your case for you. Contact our firm to get started, today!