How Fatherhood Impacts the Role of an Attorney

We are sure that you have heard the latest lawyer joke or the old wives’ tale that attorneys are rigid and uncompassionate, right? Well, at Dellutri Law Group, we break that stereotype each and every day. Many of our clients who come in for a complimentary consultation have the pleasure of meeting with David Lampley. We often hear from people that he gave great advice and really cared about their situation. People especially seem to appreciate when he tells them there is nothing he can do to help but knows someone who can. His advice may not always be what people want to hear, but it’s what they need to hear.

David Lampley: Father of Four

He equates this level-headed temperament in the initial consultations and compassion for our clients to being a dad. He’ll tell you that there is not much that young kids can do to bother him. Fussy kids in the grocery store? Crying babies on an airplane? Kids who want to ask questions and play on the phone during a consultation? No worries for David Lampley! After all, he’s a father of four!

“When you become a father,” David explained, “you suddenly become very understanding very fast. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I appreciated the sacrifices parents make for their kids. It’s funny how things that used to bother me just don’t anymore.”

David and his wife, Rebecca, have a house full of boys, so we are sure you can imagine how hectic their life at home can be. Their sons, Dylan, Austin, Tyler, and Preston (ages 12, 8, 3, and 1, respectively), keep them busy! David balances his career as an attorney with his commitment to being a good husband to his wife and father to his children. And he’s been doing great so far, having made time to coach just about every little league and soccer team his eldest boys have played on. Dellutri Law Group even sponsored their teams. He’s determined to never miss out on what his kids are doing.

“No one can fully prepare you for fatherhood,” Datvid said. “And I’m so hardheaded that I’m not sure I would have listened to every piece of advice I received about raising boys! I just have to experience it for myself and balance the demands of life, so I can be a part of everything.”

David knows that becoming a father has strengthened his professional life. He has greater compassion for parents who have to move life around to accommodate their children. Whenever a client asks to bring his or her child into a meeting, David says, “Yes!” without a second thought.

“No matter what accomplishments I have in my life to be proud of, having kids was by far the most rewarding, and scariest, thing I have ever done,” he said. “Looking at my boys, I realize this is the most amazing thing in the world. I wouldn’t change a thing. I know that our clients feel the same way about their children. I wish other attorneys would remember that people who come to them looking for advice are parents too, just trying to do what is best for their families. Every decision you make as a parent has your family’s best interest in mind.”