Growth and Expansion at Dellutri Law

We have been so busy this year making sure that we improve our clients’ experience with our offices! In June, we opened a brand-new office in Tampa. We were so excited about the expansion that we even streamed the announcement on Facebook Live (check it out if you have the chance), and we’ve had outstanding success since our opening day! It was hard keeping it a secret, especially when we were so excited about it. This was a practical, well-thought-out decision for us, one we did not take lightly. We needed to ensure that it was the right move and that our Tampa clients would receive the same level of customer service that our clients experience in our other locations.

Most people know that our first office is located in Fort Myers, but we also have thriving offices in Naples, Port Charlotte, and Orlando. Recently, we noticed that our client base in Tampa was growing, as we were getting more and more phone calls for Tampa and the surrounding areas. When we began looking into why we were suddenly receiving so many calls for Tampa clients, we were pleasantly surprised to find out they were coming from our current clients around the state. We were honored, and it was a compliment we could not ignore. After speaking with those clients who were referring us cases, we came up with two solid plans.

First, we desperately needed to expand into the Tampa market. In making the decision to open the Tampa office, we quickly realized that once we asked for honest ideas and opinions, our clients DID NOT hold back. They all said that their comfort level with our firm allows them to refer their friends, relatives, and others to us knowing that they will be well taken care of. Again, we are thankful for their honesty, loyalty, and trust. We appreciate the business!

And this is where idea number two was born. In researching the expansion into Tampa, we found one underlying trend. Our phone system was a bit outdated. Okay, it was ancient. Fear not! Our team began hours of countless research, testing, and asking tons of questions (we actually ticked off the people at the phone company!), and we think we’ve found the perfect solution!

Please bear with us during our transition, we have now given everyone on our support team a direct line to help improve the communication on your cases. So, do not throw this newsletter away. You can find all the numbers on the next page.

At Dellutri Law Group, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and outstanding customer experience for our clients at any office — all day, every day. You should expect nothing less. Above all, we want our clients to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, like family.

Stay tuned to see what we do next! And please remember, every decision we make is not in haste. We do thorough planning and research to determine if it’s the right move for you, our clients. As diligent as we are, we know we may have some hiccups in updating our phone system. Should you have any trouble, please report it to us immediately!