Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Ready to hit the open road with your new bike? Before you do, we want to make sure that you are safe! Too often, we see motorcycle accidents that could have easily been avoided, so it’s our responsibility (we feel!) to make sure that you know all about basic motorcycle safety rules before you get out on the street.

Take a look at these basic motorcycle safety tips:

  1. Pay attention to traffic signs and laws. This might seem like an obvious tip, but many bikers tend to ignore basic traffic laws like stopping at red lights or not swerving in and out of lanes of traffic. Even though a motorcycle is relatively compact, it’s important to obey the traffic laws in order to avoid getting into a serious accident.
  2. Dress properly. It might seem like a great idea to hop on your bike in flip flops and shorts, but if you happen to get into an accident you won’t be properly dressed. There’s a reason why motorcycle clothes are made from tough and durable leather!
  3. Wear a helmet. This is so simple - yet so many people do not wear helmets! A helmet can protect your head if you fall. It could mean the difference between life and death.
  4. Make sure that you can drive your bike. Another silly statement? Not really! Some bikes are just too powerful for certain people to handle. Just like it’s dangerous to drive a really powerful car if you can’t handle it, it’s tough to drive a powerful motorcycle if you can’t handle it. Know your driving skill level.
  5. Take a class. Learn how to ride a motorcycle properly. Learn what happens if you slip on ice or skid on water. These classes are offered all over the state.
  6. Beware of pedestrians. Driving a bike is not like driving a car. There are different blind spots to consider and different widths to think about. Be careful when driving past pedestrian zones, driving too near sidewalks, and crossing bicycle paths.
  7. Don’t go off the road. Off-road riding can seem like a great idea. It’s not. Stay on the road and follow the road signs and laws.
  8. Try and avoid bad weather. While we don’t get a lot of snow in Florida, the weather can be tricky. Studies have shown that motorcycle drivers get into a lot of accidents when underestimating the weather. If you can, don’t drive on days when the weather is treacherous.

Our Biggest Note of All

We can’t say this enough times. Do not drink and drive. Ever. Just don’t do it. So many deaths can be prevented by simply finding another way to get home. Trust us, that drink is not worth it!