Road Rage Is a Serious Problem

This past Thanksgiving weekend, three deaths were caused in the parking lots of various stores and malls. All of the incidents were results of road rage (or parking lot rage). Two of the incidents were fatal. All of the shootings were caused during Black Friday shopping trips.

Road Rage Tips

It’s hard not to become angry when you’re in a rush, stressed out over spending too much, looking for the perfect gift, and can’t find a parking spot. All of these things become heightened when sales are too good to pass up. Trust us when we say, though, that getting angry about something like a good sale just isn’t worth it.

When you become angry, the following things happen:

  • Your blood pressure rises
  • You lose your ability to think clearly
  • You become short of breath
  • Your heart rate increases
  • Adrenaline levels increase

Scientifically speaking, when you cannot breathe well and you are filled with adrenaline, it becomes quite literally impossible to think rationally - the amount of oxygen that is being sent to your head becomes lessened.

Instead of getting angry, try the following tips:

  • Count backward from ten
  • Focus on your breath and breathe slowly
  • Think about who might be in the car with you (kids?)
  • Remember that your kids are watching if they are with you
  • Keep in mind that yelling at someone or getting out of your car can result in death

A Sad Holiday Season

For those families and loved ones left behind due to fatal Black Friday shootings, this holiday season will not be a happy one. Our prayers are with you. All of this could have been avoided if one of the two people involved in these shootings had kept a rational mind. It’s hard not to become angry, but you aren’t doing yourself (or your family) any favors when you lose control. Think about it - and be safe out there!